dale Definitions


en given name.


a valley, often in an otherwise hilly area.

a trough or spout to carry off water, as from a pump.

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  • 19 see dale jorgenson, frank gollop, and barbara fraumeni, productivity and u.s. economic growth (cambridge, ma: harvard university press, 1987); and frank gollop, “accounting for intermediate input: the link between sectoral and aggregate measures of productivity growth,” chapter 18 in measurement and interpretation of productivity (washington, dc: national academy of sciences, 1979), http://www.nap.edu/read/9578/chapter/18. bls.gov

  • when the story gets to gen. william westmoreland, though, the narrative gets looser. besides tiresomely referring to him as “westy,” bowden draws the general as a caricature, some clueless and hidebound military leader who paled next to his more astute successor, creighton abrams. however, as vietnam historian dale andrade points out, both generals faced the same quandary: devote a significant share of us forces to keeping enemy conventional units away from the population, and only then would pacification stand a chance. “whether the operation was called ‘search and destroy’ (under westmoreland) or ‘one war’ (under abrams) made little difference.”[4] cia.gov

  • “quicker, better results can be obtained with 20- to 30-percent glycolic acid peels, but results are temporary and need to be repeated frequently,” says dale isaacson, md, an associate clinical professor at george washington university medical center who is in private practice in washington, d.c. these peels must be done by trained cosmetologists. everydayhealth.com

  • dale messick created the long-running comic strip brenda starr. dale messick was already a successful commercial artist when she sent the chicago tribune her idea for a strip about a crusading newspaper reporter, changing her own name from dahlia to dale to avoid prejudice against female artists. the trick worked, and brenda starr debuted on 30 june 1940. brenda starr was a red-headed, aggressive, crusading reporter who always ended up in the middle of the story. dale messick worked on the strip for 43 years before retiring. brenda starr was then carried on by other writers and artists, including tribune columnist mary schmich. after 70 years on the funny pages, the strip was retired for good by its syndicate, tribune media services, in 2011. factmonster.com

  • mr. dale: so some of that is derived from geographic points that we have, so we’re able, using standard enrichment– so it’s not based on this is richard dale and this is what i know about richard because i’m friends with the nsa this week, but rather based on the enrollment address we’re able to enrich the data with many of those things. hhs.gov

  • elliott, josephine m., ed. robert dale owen's travel journal, 1827. indianapolis: indiana historical society, 1977; leopold, richard william. robert dale owen: a biography. cambridge, mass.: harvard university press, 1940. reprint, new york: octagon books, 1969; pancoast, elinor, and anne e. lincoln. the incorrigible idealist: robert dale owen in america. bloomington, ind.: principia press, 1940. infoplease.com

  • 15. view of the main office (buildings 1, 2, and 3), u.s. plant introduction station, glenn dale, md, ca. 1950. facilities and engineering branch. beltsville agricultural research center, building 426. - u.s. plant introduction station, 11601 old pond road, glenn dale, prince george's county, md 4 x 5 in.haer md,17-gldle,1--15 | haer md,17-gldle,1--15 loc.gov

  • when dale leighton underwent a heart transplant at mayo clinic, the motorcycling enthusiast believed his days of poor health were behind him. but the new heart failed to work. for dale, who’s dealt with life-threatening heart disease for years, that meant a second heart transplant and a second journey through recovery. mayoclinic.org

  • adult adhd is a sly condition that can secretly affect people for years without their knowledge. lori-lynn dale knows first hand. in her senior year in college, she not only completed her studies, but also managed three jobs and cared for a new baby boy. dale seemed to handle herself beautifully, but inside the young mother felt alone, tired, and overwhelmed. medicinenet.com

  • in this exclusive medpage today video from the asco annual meeting, study author supriya mohile, md, of the university of rochester medical center, and three specialists -- dale shepard, md, of the cleveland clinic; martine extermann, md, phd, of moffitt cancer center at the university of south florida in tampa; and william dale, md, of city of hope in duarte, calif. -- tease out the importance of this study and discuss how this 10-minute intervention could improve quality of life and save time later on by dealing with potentially avoidable effects of treatment before they occur. medpagetoday.com