damn Definitions


generic intensifier. fucking; bloody.


very; extremely.


used to express anger, irritation, disappointment, annoyance, contempt or suprise, etc. see also dammit.


the smallest amount of concern or consideration.


to invoke damnation; to curse.

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  • the ppl on here bashing this, saying its a waste of tax payer money, stop posting stuipid stuff like this need to lighten up. if they were just posting on what to do against zombies, i could say, ok you have a point. but they are not. they are talking about emergency situations (ie: hurricane, flood ect.) overall. they are giving tips for all situations. get off your damn high horse and grow up. they are making it fun to read and plan for emergencies. kids or teens will read this, and automatically love it bc its about zombies, but they are actually learning survival at the same time, without realizing it. get over yourselves and let ppl have fun. cdc.gov

  • and i know it is damn hard. intelligence analysis is less fun than a policy rotation or an overseas assignment. it is less honored and romanticized than other aspects of the great game. it is frustrating. it is exhausting. and even the best efforts will be picked at. the analyst’s work will be criticized by the knowledgeable and the ignorant alike. it will even be demonized at times—independent of its quality—and it will always be hostage to the politics of the moment. cia.gov

  • lexapro and me :) me and my lexapro. what can i say. i have taken this drug for almost 2 1/2 months. in the beginning i was so against this damn drug. i thought i was just in a funk and i would snap out of the blue mood-braahh, negative, i just kept getting more depressed and so damn emotional. to read my full story from beginning to end, go to depression>lexapro or my profile. click on me, j33pgrl, and i will give you the full story on this drug; depression with anxiety. everydayhealth.com

  • see v. o. key, politics, parties and pressure groups (5th ed. 1964); a. m. scott et al., congress and lobbies (1966); s. farkas, urban lobbying (1971); g. wooton, interest groups (1971); m. t. hayes, lobbyists and legislators (1984); c. barnes, the politics of policy-making and pressure groups (1987); r. g. kaiser, so damn much money (2009). factmonster.com

  • so here, this isn’t the us health system although i could pull it up if i felt like it, this is just aetna and so here are the areas where aetna operates, these counties and communities where people give a damn about the stuff you want them to give a damn about, you can drill down into the specifics and they are actually hitting their star metrics. and here’s the growth of the product around that which is your market incentive to make aetna give a damn and so we can further and further. hhs.gov

  • his tongue laps the war-sucked air in drought, but he yells defiance at the red-eyed eagle, and in his ears are the bells of new philosophies, and their tinkling drowns the sputter of the burning sword. he shrieks, "god damn you! when you are broken, the word will strike out new shoots." infoplease.com

  • damn few: making the modern seal warrior db76344 10 hours 6 minutes by rorke denver and ellis henican read by john polk retired lieutenant commander denver describes the training and attitude it takes to be a successful navy seal. discusses his missions in the middle east and his later duty directing the seal’s training program. relates his role in making the movie act of valor. violence and strong language. 2013. loc.gov

  • but michael knew what he was getting into. his friend, ken, had given a half of his liver to a woman ken saw in a tv news report. "i thought, man, that was a damn noble thing to do," michael says. "i wondered if i would have the courage to do something like that." medicinenet.com

  • "check ... you are going to check? well, what in the hell do you know? you wake me up in the middle of the f*cking night, and you have not even examined the patient. you don't know the history, you don't know the ekg, or i suppose the labs. what kind of intern are you, anyway! one of those foreign grad psychiatrists? the god-damn nurse could do better. the god-damn nurse would do better! if you are going to take care of my patients ... if you are even going to stay working in the hospital at all, then you had better get your head out of your ass. do your job. call me when you are ready to be a doctor!" medpagetoday.com