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a defense mechanism involving a refusal to accept the truth of a phenomenon or prospect.

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  • if the claim for regular benefits was denied and the reversal of the denial did not occur until after the 31st week of the claimant’s benefit year, the claimant shall not be barred from applying for and commencing training, even if the benefit year has expired, so long as the claimant applies for training within 21 weeks of the notice of reversal and commences training with the first available program. bls.gov

  • well, that gets into this whole goddamn plausible denial thing, which i think is gone. i think plausible denial died when dwight eisenhower accepted responsibility for the u-2. he had no choice; he had to accept responsibility for it. jack kennedy, the same thing with the bay of pigs. we had the elaborate structure that this was just a bunch of ragtag cubans, baloney. anything that big, he is responsible for it. so, the whole plausible denial is just totally impossible. and now with a presidential finding, no way. cia.gov

  • mr. troxel: denial is actually a healthy emotion in the short run because denial can often help us function and carry on in a crisis. but sometimes it's very persistent. and i've even had physicians in my office who've taken their mother to a university memory clinic who cannot accept the results. so denial cuts across all educational levels. everydayhealth.com

  • vermont was not the first state to attempt such socially progressive legislation. in 1993, two men in hawaii applied for a marriage license and were denied. the couple brought their case, baehr v. miike, to hawaii's supreme court, which ruled in may 1993 that the denial of the license was equivalent to discrimination—a violation of the state's constitution. factmonster.com

  • enclosed please find an appeal of the center for veterinary medicine's ("cvm") denial ("cvm denial") of a request ("request") to fda to correct certain information being disseminated by cvm ("appeal"). a copy of the request is contained in tab b. the cvm denial was signed by cvm director stephen f. sundlof, dated march 22, 2003, but not received by the animal health institute ("ahi" or "requestor") until march 25, 2003. a copy of the cvm denial is contained in tab a. hhs.gov

  • miss anthony- may it please your honor, i am not arguing the question, but simply stating the reasons why sentence cannot, in justice, be pronounced against me. your denial of my citizen's right to vote, is the denial of my right of consent as one of the governed, the denial of my right of representation as one of the taxed, the denial of my right to a trial by a jury of my peers as an offender against law, therefore, the denial of my sacred rights to life, liberty, property and- infoplease.com

  • the smart one db76583 11 hours 39 minutes by jennifer close read by kristin allison after claire breaks off her engagement she goes into denial and maxes out her credit cards to afford her new york apartment. finally, she reluctantly returns to her parents’ home—just like her two adult siblings. strong language. 2013. loc.gov

  • since we don't know how often abuse is missed, we can't guess at how often it's denied. personal experience is that even with serious injuries, denial is common. considering that one of the caregivers may not have knowledge of events that occurred with his or her partner, denial can be a normal answer. therefore, asking about domestic as well as pet violence is important, and also interviewing caregivers separately. by emphasizing mandated reporting requirements and indicating concern about their child, we hopefully will maintain a working relationship with the family. mayoclinic.org

  • when she and her colleagues analyzed race and gender data, they found that non-hispanic white men and women followed the overall pattern and had increased denial with age. smoking denial rates decreased with age among older mexican-american women, and remained stable over age for mexican-american men and non-hispanic black men and women. medicinenet.com

  • sometimes, the reason for a denial is absurd. a physician prescribes a medication. the insurance company denies coverage insisting that the medicine would be covered only if different medicines were tried first and were not effective. the term for this is "step therapy requirement," and doctors despise it. so, this is not a categorical denial, like with the cardiologist example above, but is a qualified denial. the medicine is covered if the physician complies with insurance company edicts. here's what the physician might tell his patient: medpagetoday.com

  • conditions that affect the physical appearance of an infant (eg, cleft lip and palate, hydrocephalus) can affect the bond between the infant and family members or caretakers. once the diagnosis of abnormality is made, parents may react with shock, denial, anger, sadness or depression, guilt, and anxiety. these reactions may occur at any time in the child’s development, and each parent may be at a different stage of acceptance, making communication between them difficult. parents may express their anger at the health care practitioner, or their denial may cause them to seek many opinions about their child’s condition. merckmanuals.com

  • generally speaking, people want insight into the process they’re preparing to undertake. they want to know how long a process will take, whether there’s variability in that timeframe, what factors might impact approval or denial, and whom to contact with questions or concerns. agencies that don’t provide this information — or that provide only some of this information — may unwittingly be eroding their users’ trust. usa.gov