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  • saturn has six major icy satellites that can be easily seen through earth-based telescopes. the most prominent feature of heavily cratered mimas, the innermost of the six, is a large impact crater about one third the diameter of the satellite. certain broad regions of enceladus are uncratered, indicating geological, mostly likely cryovolcanic, activity that has resurfaced the satellite within the last 100 million years. tethys also has a very large impact crater, as well as an extensive series of valleys and troughs that stretches three quarters of the way around the satellite. both dione and rhea have bright, heavily cratered leading hemispheres and darker trailing hemispheres with wispy streaks that are thought to be produced by deposits of ice inside surface troughs or cracks. iapetus, the outermost of the large icy satellites, has a dark leading hemisphere and a bright trailing hemisphere. factmonster.com

  • saturn has 56 known moons, nine of which were announced in june 2006 and are known by the temporary designations s/2004 s19 and s/2006 s1 through s8. the five largest moons—tethys, dione, rhea, titan, and iapetus—range from 650 to 3,200 mi (1,060 to 5,150 km) in diameter. the planet's outstanding satellite is titan, first discovered by the dutch astronomer christiaan huygens in 1656. infoplease.com