ea Definitions


initialism of en

name of enki in akkadian and babylonian mythology.


a river or watercourse.

whole piece (used when use of a unit of measure is obligatory)

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ethyl acetate

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  • "i love hosting my december fitness challenge each year in which i encourage my spicy rd readers (and myself) to commit to regular exercise during the holidays to relieve stress, stay fit, and keep the weight off during the busy holiday season. in addition, since i allow myself to eat any and all of my favorite foods year-round, i never feel the urge to overindulge during the holidays," says blogger and nutrition expert ea stewart from the spicy rd nutrition blog at eastewart.com. ea takes advantage of nourishing raw veggie protiens and includes this super-duper raw power salad as part of her holiday spread. everydayhealth.com

  • area, 6,450 sq mi (16,706 sq km). pop. (2010) 1,360,301, a 12.3% increase since the 2000 census. capital and largest city, honolulu. statehood, aug. 21, 1959 (50th state). highest pt., mauna kea, 13,796 ft (4,208 m); lowest pt., sea level. nickname, aloha state. motto, ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono [the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness]. state bird, hawaiian goose. state flower, yellow hibiscus. state tree, candlenut. abbr., hi factmonster.com

  • the vocational coaches to enhance mst-ea program provided two one-hour sessions of individualized vocational coaching each week to young adults receiving mst-ea programming in areas of employment, education, health, housing, parenting, and financial literacy. the coaches provided vocational support with a focus on each of these specific support areas for three to seven sessions. participants typically received the intervention over an average of seven to eight months. the participants also received in-person and phone mst-ea therapy several times each week in addition to the vocational coaching. mst-ea helps participants prevent recidivism, address mental illness, reduce substance use, and improve education and employment using cognitive-behavioral, behavioral, and motivational interviewing intervention therapies. hhs.gov

  • the five biggest races on the nascar (national association for stock car auto racing) circuit are the daytona 500, the ea sports 500, the coca-cola 600, the mountain dew southern 500, and the brickyard 400. they are the winston cup series' biggest (daytona), fastest (ea sports), longest (coca-cola), oldest (southern) and richest (brickyard) races. the only drivers to win three of the races in a year are lee roy yarbrough (1969), david pearson (1976), bill elliott (1985) dale jarrett (1996) and jeff gordon (1997-98). infoplease.com

  • all are workers in the rome (ga.) hosiery mill. two working are 11 y[ea]rs old. some working here only 9 and 10 y[ea]rs old, the youngest got about $3. a week for turning, knitting, or looping. fifteen year old boys here are making $6. to $9. a week "if they're speedy." location: rome, georgia. 1913 april. | 1 photographic print. | hine, lewis wickes, 1874-1940lot 7479, v. 5, no. 3351 [p&p] | lc-dig-nclc-02742 (color digital file from b&w original print) loc.gov

  • ebstein anomaly (ea) is a rare, complex and highly variable congenital heart malformation characterized by tricuspid valve regurgitation, right ventricle myopathy. management can be challenging because ea presents with a broad clinical spectrum of variable anatomy and symptoms affecting a wide demographic, from neonates who are highly symptomatic, to adults who are asymptomatic. most patients with ea require surgical management at some point in life. mayoclinic.org

  • more guidance from the codex commission is needed before there can be ea universal endorsement of oats in this country, thompson said. "we don't yet know what amount of gluten consumed on a daily basis is safe for most people with celiac disease, and right now, the draft revised standard of the codex commission says up to 20 ppm, but that's not a final statement. that number may be revised and it may be revised upwards," she continued. medicinenet.com

  • there are several types of ea/tef, classified by the location of the malformation and the structures that are affected. in more than 80 percent of cases, the lower section of the malformed esophagus is connected to the trachea (ea with a distal tef). other possible configurations include having the upper section of the malformed esophagus connected to the trachea (ea with a proximal tef), connections to the trachea from both the upper and lower sections of the malformed esophagus (ea with proximal and distal tef), an esophagus that is malformed but does not connect to the trachea (isolated ea), and a connection to the trachea from an otherwise normal esophagus (h-type tef with no ea). medlineplus.gov

  • at present, less than 10 patients have accessed products via the federal rtt law, while most patients who receive non-trial preapproval access do so via ea. patient requests for non-trial access to investigational, unapproved drugs must come through physicians, so clinicians have an active role to play in these decisions, whether it's via ea or rtt. medpagetoday.com

  • en las lesiones agudas de la ea, predominan las citocinas de las células th2 (interleucina [il]-4, il-5, il-13), mientras que en las lesiones crónicas están presentes las citocinas de las células t th1 (ifn-gamma, il-12). numerosas otras citocinas, que incluyen la lipoproteína del estroma tímico, ccl17 y ccl22, desempeñan un papel en la reacción inflamatoria en la ea. los nuevos tratamientos dirigidos a citocinas específicas están ayudando a identificar las vías inmunes específicas en la ea. merckmanuals.com

  • (a) the qualitative view of the ring-opening reaction process of cvlsh-zn-x. (b) the calculated activation energy (ea and eb) of the ring-opening reaction. all structures were optimized with density functional theory functional b3lyp-d3 and 6-31+g (d, p) basis set by gaussian 09. the free energies of the products and reactants were calculated by the intrinsic reaction coordinate calculations. nih.gov