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to send or give out; manifest.

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  • it is time to understand "the environment" for what it is: the national-security issue of the early 21st century. the political and strategic impact of surging populations, spreading disease, deforestation and soil erosion, water depletion, air pollution, and possibly rising sea levels in critical, overcrowded regions like the nile delta and bangladesh--developments that will prompt mass migrations and, in turn, incite group conflicts--will be the core foreign-policy challenge from which most others will ultimately emanate, arousing the public and uniting assorted interests left over from the cold war. cia.gov

  • roman chamomile, also known as english chamomile, is a perennial that grows to be about 1 foot tall. its gray-green leaves are thicker than those of its german cousin, and its white petals emanate from a solid receptacle. the essential oil is pale yellow to clear. (7) it contains esters of angelic and tiglic acids, responsible for its reputed sedative properties and a warm, spicy odor, respectively. (10) some people believe its tea can help reduce inflammation and soothe gastrointestinal problems. (8) chamomile users prize the herb variety for its possible medicinal qualities, scent, and taste. everydayhealth.com

  • so is there a federal lever that we could use that might emanate from some of the recommendations of cep to help support efforts to free up states to report data more rapidly, that would be the nexus that i see for that. but i’d like to hear other comments about the scope laid out around vitals. hhs.gov

  • dear sisters:- with the deepest emotions of gratitude to our almighty father, we congratulate you upon your assemblage, for the second time, as a convention. while we rejoice in the wisdom and love that we trust will overshadow you in your deliberations, we cannot but contemplate with awe the sublime results that may emanate from your councils. infoplease.com

  • mackey is the author of six poetry collections, including the national book award-winning “splay anthem” (2006) and “eroding witness” (1985), which was chosen for the national poetry series. he has published several book-length installments of his ongoing prose work, “from a broken bottle traces of perfume still emanate,” beginning with “bedouin hornbook” in 1986. loc.gov

  • "treatment with off-label medications is the rule rather than the exception in the [pediatric intensive-care unit]," said study author susan sorenson, a doctor of pharmacy. "numerous problems emanate from the lack of drug data in children, including uncertainty about whether a drug is effective in children for a particular disease, questions about the side effect profile, and lack of dosing information." medicinenet.com

  • "even more grotesquely misleading conclusions can emanate from poorly conceived or sloppily conducted randomized trials. current publication criteria for randomized trials do not allow one to alter the endpoint of a study after the study has commenced. neither do they allow one to hypothesize in the abstract or the final conclusions of the paper on how the results might have been if the design or endpoints of the study had been chosen differently." medpagetoday.com

  • some tcm-based acupuncture practitioners may claim that cancer is a contraindication for acupuncture, although no evidence exists to support their claims that unseen energies emanate from the point into the tumor and incite growth. the belief that acupuncture will encourage cancer metastasis because it can augment circulation is similarly unfounded; however, there is also no proof that acupuncture itself fights cancer. merckmanuals.com