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initialism of en (called today the [[european)


a unit of time, smaller than eon and greater than period.

initialism of en

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earned run averagereactive armourgeologic eraperiodepochage

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  • among all women veterans in 2013, over half had served in either gulf war era i (august 1990 to august 2001) or gulf war era ii (september 2001 to the present).  seventeen percent of women veterans had served in world war ii, the korean war, or the vietnam era, and 30 percent had served in other service periods, primarily between the vietnam era and gulf war era i. bls.gov

  • la campaña consejos de los cdc presenta a dos miembros de la comunidad lgbt: brian i. y ellie n. brian comenzó a vivir abiertamente como hombre homosexual cuando tenía 20 años. al igual que otras personas que fuman, era un adolescente cuando probó su primer cigarrillo. le parecía que fumar era una audacia, un símbolo de libertad e independencia. con el tiempo notó que en todos los lugares a donde iba dentro la comunidad lgbt parecía que se fumaba. cdc.gov

  • gulf war-era veterans who served since 1990 are the most recent cohort of wartime veterans and make up about 35 percent of the current working-age veteran population (see figure 1).2 they are also a large and growing segment of the veteran population, making them a cohort of particular interest, but about which minimal economic research has been done. much of the past research on post-military economic outcomes of wartime veterans focused on vietnam-era and world war ii veterans. very few, if any, world war ii and korean war veterans are still in the labor force—none are in the working-age population defined here—and the majority of the vietnam-era veterans are nearing retirement age. census.gov

  • founded 16 march 1949, asio was not australia’s first security organization and professor horner begins with a review of its predecessors and their limitations in early the postwar era; later, he shows how asio’s creation became an operational necessity in the early cold war era as old threats of communist subversion intensified and new ones, as seen in the venona decrypts, emerged. cia.gov

  • it seems that two forces of nature are colliding in our society; veterans (particularly gulf war era vets) affected by ms and the veterans administration. a disproportionate number of gulf war era vets are now being diagnosed with ms and "other neurological diseases" that resemble ms on several levels. current arbitrary rules limit the time after service separation that a vet diagnosed with ms is automatically eligible for va benefits to seven years. everydayhealth.com

  • dinosaurs roamed the planet for about 165 million years, during a time in the earth’s history called the mesozoic era. it is difficult to imagine how long this was, until we compare it with ourselves: humans have lived on earth for less than two million years. during the mesozoic era, the earth’s landmasses changed dramatically, new seas were formed, and plants and animals evolved. factmonster.com

  • the last observation here is on the arena of eft and era. doing eft and era together is very important. if you separate the era from the eft, there is really little economic advantage to not just to the payer, but also the provider from our observations in adopting the transactions. hhs.gov

  • i say again, the era of big government is over. but we can't go back to the era of fending for yourself. we have to go forward to the era of working together as a community, as a team, as one america, with all of us reaching across these lines that divide us—the division, the discrimination, the rancor—we have to reach across it to find common ground. we have got to work together if we want america to work. infoplease.com

  • the world war ii-era submarine uss becuna and the spanish-american war-era cruiser uss olympia are part of the independence seaport museum at penn's landing, a waterfront area of center city philadelphia, pennsylvania, along the delaware river. its name commemorates the landing of william penn, the founder of pennsylvania, in 1682 2019-03-29. | 1 photograph | highsmith, carol m., 1946-lc-dig-highsm- 56565 (online) [p&p] | lc-dig-highsm-56565 (original digital file) loc.gov

  • cuando yo era niño, mi padre era internista. y, como tal, tuve la oportunidad de estar con él en las visitas a domicilio. mi padre solía decirme una y otra vez que si escuchaba a los pacientes el tiempo suficiente, ellos me dirían las claves para un diagnóstico. no es solo pedir pruebas, sino tratar de averiguar qué significa una enfermedad o afección para la persona, cuáles son sus verdaderas preocupaciones y, a veces, eso puede llevarnos a debates que a primera vista no son médicos. obtener esa información, es decir, conocer la verdadera historia del paciente, es mi deseo y mi meta. mayoclinic.org

  • medications to fight hiv evolved significantly through each of those eras and continues to become more effective. in the early era -- before the advent of hiv-suppressing drugs -- only 7 percent of people with aids-related opportunistic infections lived five years or more, the study found. but in the most recent era, 65 percent lived five years or longer, the research showed. medicinenet.com

  • el estudio, financiado por los institutos nacionales de la salud (nih, por sus siglas en inglés), estableció que el riesgo de menopausia precoz en mujeres que amamantaron exclusivamente durante 7 a 12 meses era un 28 % menor que las que  amamantaron durante menos de 1 mes. el riesgo de las mujeres que amamantaron durante 25 meses o más era un 26 % menor. medlineplus.gov

  • patients in the biologics era had greater improvements in disease activity in multiple efficacy outcomes. among those with oligoarthritis, the proportion of patients with inactive disease on the juvenile disease activity score 10 (jadas10) was 28.2% in the methotrexate era and 52.6% in the biologics era (p=0.0015). patients with low disease activity on the jadas10 were 34.1% and 55.1%, respectively (p=0.0070). medpagetoday.com

  • se evitan los alimentos que se cree que no estaban disponibles durante la era paleolítica (como productos lácteos, granos, legumbres, aceites procesados, azúcar refinado, sal y café). los defensores afirman que las personas no pueden procesar (metabolizar) muchos de estos alimentos. sin embargo, el conocimiento de lo que se comía en la era paleolítica es limitado y algunas pruebas científicas sugieren que, en la era paleolítica, la dieta no era tan limitada como en la moderna dieta paleo. merckmanuals.com

  • born to a zulu family in 1942, mr zuma has spent his entire adult life since 1959 in the service of the anc. he joined its armed wing umkhonto we sizwe in 1962 and was arrested the following year. he spent ten years in prison for conspiracy to overthrow the apartheid-era government. nationmaster.com

  • once you have associated your login.gov account to you era account, logging in using login.gov will still work even if your era account password has expired.  however, you are required to change your era account password every 120 days and will receive reminder notifications to do so.  if you need to reset your era account password, please do so by using the forgot password/unlock account? link on the main commons homepage. if you password is already expired, you will be prompted to change it if you attempt to login using era account credentials. nih.gov