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  • the european union (eu), in a relationship resembling the federal–state partnership in the united states, sets minimum safety and health requirements for working conditions in eu member nations. this is accomplished through the osh framework directive, which is similar in purpose to the u.s. osh act of 1970.81 the eu framework applies to both private and public sector employees, but exempts members of the armed forces and the police. eurostat, the eu’s statistical office, is responsible for providing statistics to enable comparisons among eu countries and regions. eurostat publishes harmonized accidents-at-work data, which are collected under the european statistics on accidents at work project per article 153 of the eu treaty.82 bls.gov

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  • it is important to note that the military staff has no subordinate standing headquarters to carry out any of its tasks. instead, the eu crisis management procedures foresee a number of so-called “operations headquarters” that could be activated on the basis of an eu council decision, if needed. for this purpose, five eu members have offered national headquarters, which would turn into multinational eu operations headquarters for a particular eu-led crisis management operation.[5] likewise, lower echelon staffs, such as force headquarters, would be allocated to member states as an eu crisis management process proceeds. in the particular case of an eu-led crisis management operation with recourse to nato assets and capabilities, shape at mons/belgium is the designated eu operations headquarters.[6] cia.gov

  • if you would prefer that we not collect information that may be used to help determine which advertisements to serve you, opt out by clicking this icon , which can be found on most of our webpages and applications.  you may also opt out or change your behavioral advertising cookie preferences by visiting the opt-out page for the digital advertising alliance (u.s. residents and those not in the eu or canada), the european interactive digital advertising alliance (eu residents), or the digital advertising alliance of canada (canadian residents). everydayhealth.com

  • european union (eu) membership greece has realigned its economy as part of its transition to full eu membership that began in 1981. greece last held the rotating eu presidency in the first half of 2003. greek businesses continue to adjust to competition from eu firms, and the government has liberalized its economic and commercial regulations and practices. factmonster.com

  • this study finds that asts that are currently available in other countries are also available in the u.s. with few exceptions. however, some technologies are implemented more widely and effectively outside the u.s., particularly in the european union (eu). as a result, some technologies such as fall detection and prevention systems, personal emergency response systems, technologies that address cognitive impairments, and telehealth technologies have greater penetration than they do in the u.s. other technologies have emerged in response to the need for access to health information for eu citizens who travel frequently across eu borders. a key feature of these health it and other eu-based ast initiatives is the existence of eu consortia and technology-oriented collaborations that have an interest both in moving ast development and implementation forward, as well as in integrating these technologies with health it. hhs.gov

  • european union (eu) membership greece has realigned its economy as part of its transition to full eu membership that began in 1981. greece last held the rotating eu presidency in the first half of 2003. greek businesses continue to adjust to competition from eu firms, and the government has liberalized its economic and commercial regulations and practices. infoplease.com

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  • your rights: you are entitled to the rights under chapter iii of the eu general data protection regulation or section 2 of the swiss federal act on data protection with respect to the processing of your personal data, which include the right to access and rectify and to request erasure of personal data. in order to verify your identity, we may require you to provide us with personal information prior to accessing any records containing information about you. mayoclinic.org

  • the scenarios included: a free trade agreement with the eu and half of non-european countries that have trade deals with the eu; a free trade agreement with the eu only; a brexit with no trade deals with any country and relying on the world trade organization (wto) rules; and the united kingdom trading under wto rules, with no tariffs imposed on fruit and vegetable imports. medicinenet.com

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  • the incidence of teaes was 78.6% in the biosimilar group and 72.1% with rituximab-eu. the most commonly reported teaes with pf-05280586 and rituximab-eu were infusion-related reactions (25.5% vs 29.9%), pruritus (6.6% vs 11.2%), and headache (8.2% vs 9.6%). the incidence of serious teaes was 7.7% with the biosimilar and 6.6% with rituximab-eu. medpagetoday.com

  • at the moment, the number of reported cases in italy is doubling every 5th day; with this rate, the italian healthcare system, which was ranked among the best in the world, has been completely overwhelmed. free movement of people within and across italy’s (and other eu member state) borders challenges control of the spread of covid-19; but on march 10, 2020, italy instituted a country-wide lockdown. merckmanuals.com

  • since 2013, iceland food price index was up 4.7% year on year. at 149.6 indexes eu-28 = 100 in 2018, the country was ranked number 3 comparing other countries in food price index. iceland is overtaken by norway, which was number 2 at 160.8 indexes eu-28 = 100 and is followed by denmark at 129.9 indexes eu-28 = 100. switzerland lead the ranking with 163.6 indexes eu-28 = 100 in 2018, that is a decrease of 5.2% compared to 2017. iceland witnessed the best average annual growth at +4.7% per year, while turkey was the worst growing country at -3.9% per year. nationmaster.com

  • financial support was provided by helmholtz association (germany) via the program “biointerfaces in technology and medicine” (bif-tm). sa, ob, ivk, and asu acknowledge eu funding by the eu h2020-msca-rise-2015 through the pelico project (grant 690973). this work was supported by the dfg-grk 2039 (sa, ob, us, asu) and by the bmbf vip+ (ob, asu). nih.gov