forever Definitions


permanent, lasting


constantly or frequently.


a mythical time in the infinite future that will never come.

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eternityaypermanentlyuntil kingdom comeincessantlyforever and a dayfor ever moreforevermorefor goodevermoreeternallycontinuallyalways

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  • before i conclude, i want to share some sad news about one of the people who played an indispensable leadership role in developing the new survey questions and innovative data-collection and training methods. jennifer edgar, our associate commissioner for survey methods research, died november 8 in a tragic fall in her home. she leaves behind her husband and two young children, her parents, and her sister. moreover, she leaves hundreds of bls colleagues and many more throughout the statistical community and beyond, who will grieve the loss of an exceptionally gifted friend and professional whose great promise was cut suddenly and tragically short. jennifer was using her considerable energies to move bls forward. her passing is a huge blow to her family, loved ones, and the entire statistical community. we are working on ways to ensure jennifer’s memory and passion is forever present at bls. bls.gov

  • author thomas powers took a somewhat different approach, contending that most observers (including those at cia) "understood that the unequal [east-west] struggle could not go on forever," but they "thought it would end in a war," not a soviet collapse. because such a war was anathema to most people, psychologically we had a very deep investment in believing that nothing was going to happen—forever." cia.gov

  • — ricotta cheese from forever cheese inc.: there are 15 reported illnesses in 12 states related to a listeria outbreak in forever cheese inc.'s marte brand ricotta salata frescolina cheese in september. whole foods market recently joined other retailers in the ricotta cheese recall sold in 21 states and washington d.c. everydayhealth.com

  • calypso, the daughter of atlas, was smitten with odysseus, and wanted him to remain forever with her in her cave on ogygia. she offered not only herself, but immortality and eternal youth as well. but odysseus refused her. oh, sure, he slept with her, dined on fine food, and worked not a single day during the seven years (that's right, seven) he remained on the island—but he didn't want to stay there forever. he longed to return home to penelope, and spent his days staring forlornly at the sea. factmonster.com

  • consider what is sensitive data and its applicability to public health or population health. in other transformational ideas, this could have been cross-cutting too, but explore what public good may come from uses of big data, emerging data, and how do we deal with the tolerance of ambiguity in this landscape of today. policy should be flexible and scalable to adjust to advances in technology. policy could take forever. the same research could take forever. we don’t have time for that anymore, so how do we adapt? that is it. anything else, red group? hhs.gov

  • may this territory be the residence of virtue and happiness! in this city may that piety and virtue, that wisdom and magnanimity, that constancy and self-government, which adorned the great character whose name it bears be forever held in veneration! here and throughout our country may simple manners, pure morals, and true religion flourish forever! infoplease.com

  • everlasting db73605 11 hours 14 minutes by alyson noël read by margaret strom ever and damen seek a cure for damen’s curse—and explore their relationship’s secrets and origins. to be together forever, they must face their past. sequel to night star (db73584). descriptions of sex. for senior high and older readers. 2011. loc.gov

  • for the careful evaluation and comprehensive care he received, mike will be forever grateful. "i feel good, and my quality of life is good," he says. "i feel really lucky to have found kristyn and dr. iyer. they're the golden nuggets in all of this. they're just awesome. my entire care team at mayo clinic is awesome." mayoclinic.org

  • emphysema is a disease of chronic injury. the body can compensate for years of lung abuse but it can't do it forever. when lung tissue is damaged, it is lost forever. as smokers and crack users get older, with continued abuse, the lung begins to fail. wheezing, shortness of breath, fatigue, and weakness become a daily routine. medications can do some damage control, but they can't return lung tissue to normal. medicinenet.com

  • piercings and tattoos are body decorations that go back to ancient times. body piercing involves making a hole in the skin so that you can insert jewelry. this is often in the earlobe, but can be in other parts of the body. tattoos are designs on the skin made with needles and colored ink. a permanent tattoo is meant to last forever. permanent makeup is a type of tattoo. medlineplus.gov

  • "we lost our seat at the table and our voice forever to the insurance companies, big pharma, and the hospital corporations and we are all going to pay for this forever. profits for those groups continue to rise while physicians are forced to join groups or get hired by hospitals, see more patients in less time, [and contend] with less benefits and time off just to not slide backwards." medpagetoday.com

  • the merck manuals’ med student stories has been an incredible medium. to share, to whine, to cope. to reflect on my experiences. and most importantly, to grow. i am forever grateful to connect with people across the country to discuss medicine and to help me shape my career. merck manuals, i thank you! merckmanuals.com

  • figure 7 shows the selection pressures that act on each phenotype, given the frequency at which each phenotype occurs in the population (frequency over all colonies). the fitness measurements include the selection processes at the cellular- and colony-level. all phenotypes have a selective advantage when they are present in a low overall frequency. thus, negative frequency-dependent selection is responsible for the stable coexistence of the three phenotypes. since the three phenotypes are subject to a continuing process of evolution, it is unlikely that these specific phenotypes would coexist forever. frequency-dependent selection does however assure the coexistence of multiple ecotypes, as shown by figure 5 and s9. nih.gov