fuck Definitions


used as an intensifier for the words "yes" and "no".


expressing surprise.


a thing of no value, a small amount.


used as a shortened form of various common interrogative phrases.


to throw, to lob something.

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  • le carré makes some good points along the way.  his main concern is the corruption of western institutions and the corrosion of faith in truth and the basic workings of democratic government. one of the turning points for nat concerns a peeress who is member of an intelligence oversight board who refuses to approve a technical operation in the residence of an oligarch living in london; she turns out to be an investment manager for, among others, the very same oligarch. florence, who planned the operation and quit in disgust when it was halted, tells him that the peeress plays the “financial authorities like a harp” and is an expert at finding ways to “circumvent regulations that don’t regulate.” when nat asks what he should do with this information, florence tells him, “fuck all. that’s what everyone does, isn’t it?”  (157–58) cia.gov

  • i took this drug in 2017 for prostatitis which was one a pain i’ve never experienced before it hurt very much! i was desperate to have it resolved so i took cipro for a month. i regret it with every being in my body. 7 months later i got an mri of my knee and my cartilage is now degenerating. i have pain in my lower back and other knee as well and i’m 95% sure it is because of this drug. i got diagnosed with arthritis at 25 years old that is unheard of! please avoid take anything else fuck this drug. it changed my life completely. stay strong my friends. everydayhealth.com

  • though debt collection filings are soaring in parts of america, hassenplug speaks with pride about how he discovered their full potential in coffeyville long before. a transplant from kansas city, he was a self-dubbed "four-star fuck-up" who worked his way through law school. he moved to coffeyville to practice in 1980 and soon earned a reputation as a hard ass. he saw that his firm, becker, hildreth, eastman & gossard, hadn't capitalized on its collections cases. the lawyers didn't demand sufficient payments, and they rarely followed up on litigation, he said. where other attorneys saw petty work, hassenplug saw opportunity. medpagetoday.com