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en; guardian spirits

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  • a general organization of the local klans was effected in apr., 1867, at nashville, tenn. gen. n. b. forrest, the famous confederate cavalry leader, was made grand wizard of the empire and was assisted by ten genii. each state constituted a realm under a grand dragon with eight hydras as a staff; several counties formed a dominion controlled by a grand titan and six furies; a county was a province ruled by a grand giant and four night hawks; the local den was governed by a grand cyclops with two night hawks as aides. the individual members were called ghouls. factmonster.com

  • genii (roman mythology) were attendant spirits. everyone had two of these tutelaries from his cradle to his grave. but the roman genii differ in many respects from the eastern. the persian and indian genii had a corporeal form, which they could change at pleasure. they were not guardian or attendant spirits, but fallen angels, dwelling in ginnistan, under the dominion of eblis. they were naturally hostile to man, though compelled sometimes to serve them as slaves. the roman genii were tutelary spirits, very similar to the guardian angels spoken of in scripture (st. matt. xviii. 10). (the word is the old latin geno, to be born, from the notion that birth and life were due to these dii genitales.) infoplease.com