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coarsely ground or gritty.

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  • his voice was nasal and often grainy, his enunciation carried a hint of lisp on the "st" sound (it wasn't "faw crith thake," but more like "faw christh sthake"), and pervading all were the flat "a" and the unpronounced final "r" so characteristic of certain bostonians. his sentences rolled along in a gentle sing song until they approached their end, when they came out with a bang. he was something of a master of the spoken language; he was fully aware of his eloquence and he enjoyed its exercise. cia.gov

  • with today’s technology, the 3-d images taken during an ultrasound look more like photographs than the grainy black and white pictures from a traditional ultrasound. there are also 4-d pictures, which look at the fetus over time like a video, roman says. these advances help doctors better pick up abnormalities, such as a cleft lip. everydayhealth.com

  • in 1996, england's sun newspaper, known for its propensity to publish the sensational, ran photos of princess diana frolicking in a garden with her former lover, james hewitt—or so the paper said. the pictures, which were reproduced from a grainy video, were actually of look-alike actors who were acting in a comedy-show pilot. factmonster.com

  • it's too bad the beat's on upn; few people will actually see it. written and created by homicide's tom fontana, the show is a well-written, stylish cop show that emphasizes character over crime. perhaps that's because the uniformed cops walk the beat and leave the crime-solving to the plainclothes detectives. as a stunt to set the beat apart from other shows of the genre, the job-related scenes are shot on video, appearing grainy and jumpy, and the personal-life scenes on film, appearing crisp and glossy. infoplease.com

  • i have itching last 5 years on whole body. i have many small grainy things on my body, like a mustard grain and it is very itchy. i become so irritated because the itching is so horrible. i have taken a lot of treatments but i have not got any relief till now. medicinenet.com

  • don't get your hopes up too much about this first, fleeting look at your baby. the black-and-white image you see on the computer screen is grainy, shadowy, and may look more like a test pattern than a baby-to-be. your sonographer will walk you through what you're seeing by pointing out the fetus' developing heart, limbs, and head. medlineplus.gov

  • while there are certainly benefits to the patient offered by alara, from a diagnostic standpoint, ldct images have drawbacks. the first is more visual noise -- a mottled, grainy, textured, or snowy appearance on the image -- which is present in all medical images, according to perry sprawls, phd, of emory university school of medicine in atlanta. medpagetoday.com

  • to my slight disappointment, we didn’t get to learn about ultrasound much until third-year, when we finally had a short, three-week course devoted entirely to learning what normal and diseased organs look like using ultrasound. it was fascinating (and a bit frustrating) to watch video clips over and over, trying to understand what i saw in the grainy images. the biggest clue for me was noticing what part of the abdomen was being looked at. for example, i would expect to see the liver and stomach if the probe was very forward on the abdomen, right near the ribs. if the probe was held lower on the abdomen near the pelvis, i would expect to see the bladder and intestines. just knowing what organs should be found where was very helpful in grounding me. merckmanuals.com