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referring to the largest ethnic group indigenous to china.


the largest ethnic group indigenous to china.

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  • from the standpoint of trade composition, 2009 oecd data reflect that final goods represent a total of 50 percent of u.s. imports compared with about 25 percent for china. as for exports, final goods represent 60 percent of chinese exports compared with 45 percent for the united states. when evaluating trade specifically between the united states and china, 70 percent of all u.s. exports to china are intermediate goods, while final goods represent 75 percent of chinese exports to the united states; these data support the notion that chinese production is typically at the end of the product supply chain in global production networks. according to the authors, using a value-added approach to measure bilateral trade interdependence reduces the u.s.–china trade imbalance by 33 percent. bls.gov

  • personas que han ingerido vanadio han sufrido diarrea leve y calambres estomacales. en animales que ingirieron vanadio se han descrito un sinnúmero de efectos tales como disminución del número de glóbulos rojos, aumento de la presión sanguínea y leves efectos neurológicos. las cantidades de vanadio que en los animales en estos estudios que produjeron estos efectos son mucho más altas que las que puedan ocurrir en el ambiente. cdc.gov

  • the api group has a 48.16 percent scom rate and 32.49 percent som rate. a comparison between the individual api races and the "other api" category shows some unusual results. the scom rates for the individual api races range from 43.55 percent for vietnamese to 91.06 percent for filipinos, while their som rates range from 40.31 percent for guamanians to 88.11 percent for chinese. the "other api" category, which covers all api races not listed separately on the 1990 decennial census questionnaire, has a 3.34 percent scom rate and a 21.20 percent som rate. without this category, the individual api races have a combined 88.04 percent scom rate and 66.76 percent som rate. census.gov

  • numerous reports of chinese communist troop movements in manchuria, coupled with peiping's recent charges of us aggression and violations of chinese territory, have increased speculation concerning both chinese communist intervention in korea and disagreement between the ussr and china on matters of military policy. it is being argued that victory in korea can only be achieved by using chinese communist (or soviet) forces, that the ussr desires to weaken the us by involving it in a protracted struggle with china, and that the chinese communists are blaming the ussr for initiating the korean venture and thus postponing the invasion of taiwan. despite the apparent logic of this reasoning, there is no evidence indicating a chinese-soviet disagreement, and cogent political and military considerations make it unlikely that chinese communist forces will be directly and openly committed in korea.(67) cia.gov

  • chinese medicine has been shown to help treat various medical ailments. for example, a recent study of 14 people with severe eczema found that an herbal bath and acupuncture both treated the skin disease and reduced the need for prescription medication. chinese medicine may also ease menopause symptoms — the combination of acupuncture and chinese herbal teas is effective in treating hot flashes, says lao. acupuncture has been used to treat back pain, emotional disorders, osteoarthritis, and nausea; chinese herbs can help ease the symptoms of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. everydayhealth.com

  • perhaps it comes as no surprise that chinese tops the list, as china is the world's most populous country. mandarin is the most common of more than 30 chinese languages/dialects, and is sponsored by the government as the official language of china. officially, for the purposes of cultural and political unity (as we discuss below), the different chinese languages are considered dialects of a single han chinese parent language. factmonster.com

  • dr. elizabeth carlson is a licensed acupuncturist with an expertise in women's health. elizabeth attended bowdoin college and studied psychology with the intent of becoming a child psychologist. it was her mother’s journey with parkinson’s disease that opened her up to the world of functional medicine, and as a result she became a doctor of acupuncture and chinese medicine. she co-founded common point, a modern approach to acupuncture, with the intent to make acupuncture more accessible. healthline.com

  • durante los últimos ocho años, los estados han realizado un avance importante en reducir el índice de errores y el número de pagos indebidos en sus programas de cuidado infantil. en sus informes estatales sobre pagos indebidos (acf-404), los estados comparten prácticas que han utilizado para reducir errores, particularmente aquellos que llevan a pagos indebidos. este informe resume muchas de las prácticas que los estados han citado con los que han tenido más éxito. hhs.gov

  • after the fall of the qin, two rebel leaders held the loyalty of the country. xiang yu of chu and liu bang of han fought with each other over who would assume the mantle of emperor. liu bang came out victorious in 202 b.c. and declared himself emperor gaozu. this was the beginning of the han dynasty, which is widely held as a golden age of chinese history. most ethnic chinese today identify themselves as han chinese, and the current system of characters are often called han script. infoplease.com

  • star wars: the han solo adventures db72827 20 hours 56 minutes by brian daley read by alec volz three previously published han solo novels: han solo at stars’ end, han solo’s revenge, and han solo and the lost legacy. while traveling in the millennium falcon, han solo and chewbacca the wookiee embark on dangerous adventures and run into ruthless enemies. 1979. loc.gov

  • el aceite de coco es ampliamente promocionado para bajar de peso. aunque las promesas de los beneficios del aceite de coco suenan bien, la investigación es menos clara. unos pocos estudios han analizado el beneficio del aceite de coco en la pérdida de peso, y los resultados han sido mixtos. mientras que algunos estudios han informado una disminución en el índice de masa corporal (imc) y el tamaño de la cintura de los participantes, otros no lo han hecho. mayoclinic.org

  • researchers compared the genomes of 50 tibetans and 40 han chinese and found that the ethnic tibetans split off from the han chinese less than 3,000 years ago. of the 30 genes with dna mutations the researchers identified that have become more common in tibetans than in han chinese, nearly half are related to how the body uses oxygen. one mutation has spread from under 10% of han chinese to nearly 90% of tibetans. medicinenet.com

  • common variations in the oprm1 gene other than a118g have also been associated with opioid addiction in specific populations, such as han chinese, european americans, and african americans. the a118g polymorphism and other common variations are among many suspected risk factors for opioid addiction. it is likely that a combination of health, social, economic, and lifestyle factors interact with genetic factors to determine an individual's risk of developing this complex disease. medlineplus.gov

  • the same pattern was seen in a second replication cohort of 100 han chinese patients, the researchers reported. across all 394 patients included in the analysis, the presence of at least one t allele predicted a lithium response with 93% sensitivity (95% ci 87.9%-96.4%) and 86.8% specificity (95% ci 81.8%-90.8%). positive and negative predictive values were 92.6% and 94.8%, respectively. medpagetoday.com

  • en las mujeres que han tenido una cesárea previa, la placenta previa aumenta el riesgo de placenta acreta; el riesgo aumenta significativamente a medida que aumenta el número de partos por cesárea previos (de alrededor del 10% si han tenido un parto por cesárea a > 60% si han tenido > 4). merckmanuals.com

  • china is the giant of the east. according to the last population census, china reaches the astonishing number of 7,148,800,000 citizens. on the other hand, usa has only 317,666,000 citizens, or 22.5 times less citizens than china. the chinese soldier population is estimated to be 7,054,000 in total, while the american army consists of less than 3 million soldiers. obviously, chinese can staff more men in a potent fight with usa. nationmaster.com