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having one or more holes.



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  • the andropov memorandum reported that "we have been contacted by a group of afghan communists living abroad" (referring specifically to karmal and sawari--by then living in the ussr among the plotters who had holed up in the soviet mission after the september attempt to oust amin). they have a plan "for opposing amin and creating a new party and state organs," and they have requested assistance, including military forces, andropov told brezhnev, concluding: "we have two battalions in kabul that could render such assistance," and which appear to be "entirely sufficient for a successful operation. but, as a precautionary measure against unforeseen complications, it would be wise to have a military group close to the border." 148 cia.gov

  • attending an online meeting serves as a reminder that holed-up across your town, your country, and all over the world, there are other folks like you yearning to share and hear the experience, strength and hope. it’s a reminder that, after this is all over, we’ll still be here. for me, the online meetings aren’t the same, but it’s one of the few options available. everydayhealth.com

  • in missouri the legislature had proceeded to the date fixed for taking the vote on the suffrage amendment, when the amendment was mysteriously taken from the calendar, referred back to committee and pigeon-holed. the suffragists, however, had a weapon in reserve, and next invoked the initiative and referendum, filing on june 27th the necessary petition of 38,000 voters' names. woman suffrage was, however, rejected at the missouri polls. infoplease.com

  • gary cooper, in one of his superb incarnations of silent righteousness, plays an embittered physician holed up in a montana mining town who befriends a swiss woman blinded during an indian attack on a stagecoach. a lesser known film by daves, who directed ten westerns during the 1950s, including the groundbreaking broken arrow, one of the genre's first anti-racist pictures, and the impressively formalistic 3:10 to yuma. the hanging tree was his last and cooper's next to last western. george c. scott made his screen debut as the zealous dr. grubb. loc.gov

  • i had surgery to remove a meningioma and had a heart attack while in the recovery room. after that, the doctors placed me on a low dose of the blood thinner, heparin. as i had just had a second holed drilled into my skull, it wasn't a surprise that i developed a severe brain bleed within 24 hours. an external ventricular drain (evd) was ordered which involved having more holes drilled into my skull to alleviate pressure. i also suffered hydrocephalus and a cerebellar tonsillar herniation. it has been seven months; i still have headaches almost every day, and memory and fatigue problems. i worry sometimes about the future, but i have learned that the only thing i can do is be patient and wait to see what symptoms are permanent and which will fade with time. medicinenet.com

  • while some millennial physicians just out of residency are increasingly likely to pursue part time work, or a practice sharing arrangement -- others gravitate toward regular hours and set shifts as opposed to being on-call. "thankfully, a diverse set of options exist for graduating residents. some are focused on working long hours with the promise of reaping financial benefits, while others are focused on a balanced work-life situation. millennials do not want to be pigeon-holed and want to make these multi-variable decisions for themselves," says dr. blalock. medpagetoday.com

  • i’ve started realizing and coming to terms with the reality that there will always be work to do. i will always have some sort of exam or assessment to prepare for, some sort of research responsibilities, some sort of leadership responsibilities. initially i’d let an exam keep me holed up at home all week and weekend, whether […] merckmanuals.com