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a carnival game in which the player attempts to throw hoops around pegs.

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  • "the hoopla is that with these new drugs a person can get a shot that takes care of their psoriasis for three months; that's a good thing," said dr. thomas anderson, medical director of the university of michigan day treatment center, one of 12 in the country that provides outpatient care for the skin disease. everydayhealth.com

  • since 1995, however, the irish government—struck by the strange paradox of parts of the world (the u.s., canada, and australia) making a bigger hoopla out of st. patrick day than the emerald isle itself—began a national campaign to transform st. patrick's day into an authentic irish celebration. what no doubt also struck the government was something else enticingly green besides shamrocks and beer—all the wonderful money-making opportunities, tourism, and p.r. factmonster.com

  • ms. greenberg: in which you would bring in, to the extent that you’ve had some consensus these are the highest priority data elements that we would try to add now, i mean i do think this is incremental, i really feel like we cannot, i feel the same, not that i agree with all of their recommendations but i really feel the same way that the consumer disclosure project feels, that if we just say we’ll just wait until we get electronic medical records a, we’re going to be waiting a long time because with all of the hoopla about electronic medical records i still don’t see any real money out there, and even where they put real like in the uk it’s an uphill, it’s not a piece of cake. hhs.gov

  • thankfully, he's abandoned the ultra-low-key profile and released a solo disc. hoopla is a simmering blend of soulful beauty, lyrical vision, and melodic strength. sparked by the easygoing southern-styled gem of a lead single “clocks in sync with mine,” the disc has a spirit of freshness and a positive vibe flowing throughout. infoplease.com

  • hoodia -- a succulent, not a cactus, as it's often erroneously described -- has lots of hoopla, but little science, at least little published science, as even advocates admit. experts familiar with it say hoodia tricks your brain into thinking you're full. but they acknowledge that published, scientific studies proving hoodia works long-term are sparse. medicinenet.com

  • you probably caught the headline that more women than men enrolled in medical school for the first time in 2017. but according to a new report released by doximity, that hoopla around that shift can be tempered a bit: the gap between men and women when it comes to physician pay actually increased from 2016 to 2017. medpagetoday.com

  • living in silicon valley, i don’t quite get all the tech hoopla and hype. so i figured i’d read the steve jobs biography to try to understand it a little better. i was surprised by a few things. the first and most striking to me was the number of times he didn’t treat people around […] merckmanuals.com