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the sending of a data packet from one host to another as part of its overall journey.

the fruit of the dog rose; a hip.


to dance.

to gather hops.

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  • sinceramente, nicholas es el niño modelo de una operación exitosa. ha estado tan bien que las visitas médicas han disminuido a dos visitas cardiológicas anuales. puede participar en deportes, con el fútbol y la natación encabezando su lista, aunque bailar hip-hop es su actividad favorita. la mayoría de los días es fácil olvidar que él tiene un defecto cardiaco grave. sin embargo, ocasionalmente, me encuentro preguntándome qué le deparará su futuro. hasta hace poco, los niños con defectos cardiacos graves no sobrevivían, y hay un gran vacío de información acerca de los adultos con defectos cardiacos. cdc.gov

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  • beginner's tip the slower you hop your feet in and out, the easier the exercise. begin at a comfortable pace and gradually increase your speed. you can also start by hopping your feet only halfway up towards your arms before returning them back to the full pushup extension, working up to the full hop. everydayhealth.com

  • hip-hop epitomizes this reinterpretation. not only is music fragmented, flipped, and turned into something completely different, but traditional notions of musicality are renovated as well. you'd like a classical violin to accompany the beat? you don't need to know how to play the instrument; you just need good ears and a good record collection so you can locate the perfect violin snippet to sample. issues of texture, rhythm, structure and melody are vital to hip-hop, but traditional ideas of western musical mastery are atomized, democratized, and replaced by accessible technology in the hands of youth. factmonster.com

  • and then when you think about the clearinghouses getting involved in the middle of this, where it’s gone from hop to hop to hop and you’ve opened up those envelopes, how you would retain that to know what batch, especially if i’m sending to a clearing house and they decombine and recombine. that becomes a nightmare. so the 824, if it’s used, that it’s the only thing and it carries all of that information through, becomes unimplementable. hhs.gov

  • as the electronic sampler became available in the '80s, hip-hop as we now know it began to evolve. the sampler allowed any sound to be electronically reproduced and manipulated. looped drum-breaks and pieces of old records were cut up, edited, and restructured by hip-hop science. copyright? throw it out the window. infoplease.com

  • [untitled photo, possibly related to: dusting planes (agricultural sprayers) fly mainly at dawn and dusk when the wind dies down. their extreme proximity to the ground can turn any sudden gust of wind into an accident. they hedge-hop over obstacles, must remain low to the very edge of the field to be effective. former bootlegging pilots are supposed to be in demand because "they ... [1936] | 1 negativelc-usf33- 005004-m3 [p&p] | lc-usf33-005004-m3 (b&w film nitrate neg.) loc.gov

  • savannah brock loves to dance. the 11-year-old is on a dance team and performs in jazz, hip-hop and lyrical dance competitions. for savannah's mother, kelly, watching her child gracefully move her legs and arms in choreographed, rhythmic expression is an experience that stands in stark contrast to the girl's difficult early years. mayoclinic.org

  • fans of hip-hop and dance music were perhaps the "wildest" group surveyed, north said. more than 37 percent of hip-hop aficionados and nearly 29 percent of dance music fans had had more than one sexual partner over the past five years, compared to just 1.5 percent of country music lovers. more than half of hip-hop and dance-music fans said they had committed a criminal act at least once in their lifetime, and they were also much more likely to have tried illicit drugs than fans of other musical genres. medicinenet.com

  • body lice move by crawling, because they cannot hop or fly. one way that they spread is through physical contact with a person who has body lice. they can also spread through contact with clothing, beds, bed linens, or towels that were used by a person with body lice. you cannot get lice from animals. medlineplus.gov

  • the television campaign consists of four ads, each meant to associate hip-hop culture with a tobacco free-lifestyle. based on fda research conducted for the purpose of the campaign, an important component in hip-hop culture was being in control, so one of the ads reframed addiction to tobacco as a loss of control. medpagetoday.com

  • between conversations, when there was a lull, i would hop up and do a portion of the physical exam.  because i had so much time and the atmosphere was so relaxed, it was the most complete history and physical i’ve done in ages, and it was actually a lot of fun. merckmanuals.com

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