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  • it is hoped that through the monthly review the bureau of labor statistics can come in closer touch with current labor activities and by means of this publication give wider publicity and deeper significance to such activities. in the furtherance of this object it is sincerely hoped that the officials in charge of federal, state, municipal, and private activities along the lines indicated will cooperate by transmitting to the united states commissioner of labor statistics the earliest copies of any plans, outlines, or reports of work in which they are severally engaged. bls.gov

  • kristy had tried to quit smoking many times before she landed in the hospital, gasping for breath, with only one lung working. but each time she tried, stressful events would send her reaching for a cigarette. kristy hoped that e-cigarettes would help, but she found that every afternoon, she still craved regular cigarettes. cdc.gov

  • the american community survey is a new survey that collects socioeconomic and demographic data describing population and housing in the united states. the current design of the american community survey employs three modes of data collection. questionnaires are mailed to sample addresses. nonrespondents are followed up using both computer assisted telephone and personal interview methods. it is hoped that through offering an internet response option some of the respondents who are currently enumerated by mail will respond via the internet. this could reduce total survey costs. an internet response option also has the potential to improve the quality of self-response data. census.gov

  • walder’s time in the fbi wasn’t quite what she had hoped. she was harassed during boot camp—they didn’t believe she had been in the cia—and her subsequent assignment to los angles was not in the counterintelligence field as she had hoped.  she quit the fbi after 15 months and, still in her twenties, went to graduate school, married, and started a family. for a while she taught a high school girls class in spycraft whose aim was encourage them to enter government service. cia.gov

  • we quickly informed our wedding guests and vendors that the wedding was off or, at least as we hoped, postponed. we canceled our flights and planned new ones for our dutch family to visit over the course of the next six months, all while trying to adapt to our new reality. everydayhealth.com

  • it was 1502 before columbus finally gathered together four ships for a fourth expedition, by which he hoped to reestablish his reputation. if he could sail past the islands and far enough west, he hoped he might still find lands answering to the description of asia or japan. he struck the coast of honduras in central america and coasted southward along an inhospitable shore, suffering terrible hardships, until he reached the gulf of darién. attempting to return to hispaniola, he was marooned on jamaica. after his rescue, he was forced to abandon his hopes and return to spain. although his voyages were of great importance, columbus died in relative neglect, having had to petition king ferdinand in an attempt to secure his promised titles and wealth. factmonster.com

  • hennepin county had hoped to receive a risk-adjusted capitated rate for a package of covered health, mental health, and chemical dependency services. "we already have the highest risk patients," say county staff, who had hoped the rate would reflect this high level of risk and need. the rates negotiated with the state were not risk-adjusted, but instead were the same as the rates the state negotiated with insurance companies to cover newly eligible people. they included only four rate cells with different rates based on gender and age (21-40 and 41-64). rates may be renegotiated in future years. hhs.gov

  • as soon as he had left, he rushed to the screen and drew it back. no; there was no further change in the picture. it had received the news of sibyl vane's death before he had known of it himself. it was conscious of the events of life as they occurred. the vicious cruelty that marred the fine lines of the mouth had, no doubt, appeared at the very moment that the girl had drunk the poison, whatever it was. or was it indifferent to results? did it merely take cognizance of what passed within the soul? he wondered, and hoped that some day he would see the change taking place before his very eyes, shuddering as he hoped it. infoplease.com

  • flecker said that lacking in discussion up to now has been how libraries outside of lc will deal with changes. because the changes lend themselves to large-scale automation, he hoped there would be agreement on how to proceed. participants should send a consistent message to oclc and rlg, and arrive at a generally desirable approach. to do this, libraries must sacrifice small differences to reach consensus. valentine said that one concern was the mixture of cjk and other files sharing one authority file. loc.gov

  • you might feel a sense of loss and grief after hysterectomy, which is normal. or you might have depression related to the loss of your fertility, especially if you're young and hoped for a future pregnancy. if sadness or negative feelings interfere with your enjoyment of everyday life, talk to your doctor. mayoclinic.org

  • researchers originally hoped that combined androgen blockade would significantly add to the benefits of lhrh agonists. however, the results, to date, have been mixed. some studies have shown slightly longer survival with combined androgen blockade, but the results haven't been as dramatic as many experts had hoped. other studies have shown no benefit.  a possible explanation may be the type of anti-androgen used, but further studies are needed to answer this question. medicinenet.com

  • parr said he hoped to apply this model to track incidence of hepatitis b. while the data are unpublished, he said his group has finished analyzing most of it and they found a "pretty high" rate of hepatitis b viremia. but he added that he hoped it was a model that other african countries might consider using. medpagetoday.com

  • my first puppy was something that i had begged for longer than i can remember. every christmas, i hoped i would see a tiny tail wagging under the tree, or hear a squeaky little bark from under the boughs weighed down with ornaments. i hoped for so long. one christmas i got a life-sized stuffed […] merckmanuals.com

  • ninds has also recently received applications for a third epilepsy cwow focused on developing interventions that will change the course of the disease or prevent it from developing in those at high risk. it is hoped that novel disease-modifying or anti-epileptogenic treatments will result from this cwow and compliment the current anti-seizure strategy. these applications will be reviewed in spring 2015. nih.gov