ia Definitions


inshallah; god willing


initialism of en


used in forming names of countries, diseases, flowers, and rarely collections of things (such as militaria, deletia).

used in forming plurals of nouns in -ium and -ion.

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internal affairs-ica-anaiabiad

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  • wardrip et al. found that among the 121 metropolitan areas studied, those with the highest share of opportunity employment in 2017 were toledo, oh (34.0 percent); anchorage, ak (31.5 percent); and des moines-west moines, ia (30.8 percent). the lowest opportunity employment was in washington-arlington-alexandria, dc-va-md (14.6 percent); new york-newark-jersey city, ny-nj (15.3 percent); and los angeles-long beach-anaheim, ca (15.4 percent). bls.gov

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  • pancreatic cancer is already among the deadliest cancers, with an overall five-year relative survival rate of just 6 percent. early detection improves the odds a little, but even patients diagnosed at stage ia have a five-year survival rate of only 14 percent, and most cases are discovered much later than that. everydayhealth.com

  • area, 56,290 sq mi (145,791 sq km). pop. (2010) 3,046,355, a 4.1% increase since the 2000 census. capital and largest city, des moines. statehood, dec. 28, 1846 (29th state). highest pt., 1,670 ft (509 m), osceola co.; lowest pt., mississippi river, 480 ft (146 m). nickname, hawkeye state. motto, our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain. state bird, eastern goldfinch. state flower, wild rose. state tree, oak. abbr., ia factmonster.com

  • the 2007 cchit roadmap for interoperability criteria for ambulatory ehr products identifies several criteria for which the hl7/astm ccd will be considered, including the ability to send a medical summary when referring or transferring the clinical care of patients, the receipt of medical summaries and importing them into the ehr for consultations or for transfer, the ability to send summary data to phrs, and the receipt of data from phrs for import into ehrs (respectively, item numbers ia-5.7, ia-5.8, ia-5.9, and ia-5.10). cchit anticipates specifying ehr interoperability certification criteria for these functions in 2008 (cchit, 2006a). hhs.gov

  • area, 56,290 sq mi (145,791 sq km). pop. (2010) 3,046,355, a 4.1% increase since the 2000 census. capital and largest city, des moines. statehood, dec. 28, 1846 (29th state). highest pt., 1,670 ft (509 m), osceola co.; lowest pt., mississippi river, 480 ft (146 m). nickname, hawkeye state. motto, our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain. state bird, eastern goldfinch. state flower, wild rose. state tree, oak. abbr., ia infoplease.com

  • 8. photographic copy of architectural drawing by proudfoot, bird, & rawson architects (c. 1911); original in possession of brooks borg and skiles architects and engineers, des moines, iowa sheet 1: footing plan - audubon public library, 401 north park place, audubon, audubon county, ia 8 x 10 in.habs iowa,5-aud,1--8 | habs iowa,5-aud,1--8 loc.gov

  • rachel – i have undergone a number of ada website audits and implemented changes based on w3c guidelines to ensure ada compliance. in fact, i just completed another audit for the health system i currently work for. needless to say, there are no easy silve bullets, but establishing a framework – from your cms, your ia and your content approach – will very much help. mayoclinic.org

  • clomipramine shares pharmacological properties with class ia and class iii antiarrhythmic medications. co-administration increases the risk for qt prolongation and life-threatening arrhythmias. for this reason, use of clomipramine should be avoided with bretylium, dofetilide (tikosyn), dronedarone (multaq), flecainide (tambocor), sotalol (betapace), quinidine (quinidex), procainamide (pronestyl), propafenone (rythmol), ranolazine (ranexa), ibutilide (corvert), and others. medicinenet.com

  • progressive familial heart block can be divided into type i and type ii, with type i being further divided into types ia and ib. these types differ in where in the heart signaling is interrupted and the genetic cause. in types ia and ib, the heart block originates in the bundle branch, and in type ii, the heart block originates in the atrioventricular node. the different types of progressive familial heart block have similar signs and symptoms. medlineplus.gov

  • both extend-ia and escape had far stricter inclusion restrictions. patients who were enrolled in the extend-ia cohort needed to demonstrate an ischemic penumbra on perfusion imaging with a small infarcted core (2). though slightly different criteria were utilized, like extend-ia, the escape cohort used ct angiographic imaging to identify patients with small infarcted cores and large areas of salvageable tissue (3). medpagetoday.com

  • for tumors of cutaneous origin (not cns and subungual melanomas) that have not metastasized, the survival rate varies depending on the thickness of the tumor at the time of diagnosis. the 5-year survival rates range from 97% for patients with stage ia melanomas to 53% for patients with stage iic melanomas; 10-year survival rates range from 93% for patients with stage ia melanomas to 39% for patients with stage iic melanomas. merckmanuals.com

  • enantiomers of some new quinazoline derivatives bearing alpha-aminophosphonate moiety were separated under normal-phase conditions on two immobilized polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases (chiralpak ia and chiralpak ic). the role of two chiral stationary phases (csps), polar modifier and column temperature on retention time and separation factor was studied. apparent thermodynamic parameters were deduced from van't hoff plots and plausible mechanism of chiral recognition has been discussed. the semi-preparative separation of some compounds was executed successfully in n-hexane/isopropyl alcohol (ipa) on the chiralpak ia column. the preliminary bioassay showed that both the enantiomers of the investigated series of compounds possessed similar anti-tobacco mosaic virus (tmv) activities. nih.gov

  • “the ease with which users can find information from outside or inside a site.” realizing that findability is much more than just “search” has become increasingly important. with more users entering a site through a channel other than the homepage, building a team to consider taxonomy, ia, seo, and orientation, in order to create a consistent experience, has become paramount. usa.gov