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  • in 2001 the party, which had come to be seen as anti–european union, was again trounced at the polls by labour, leading hague to resign. iain duncan smith was chosen to succeed hague but served only two years as party leader before he was replaced by michael howard. the party made gains in the 2005 elections, but labour's majority, though reduced, remained secure. following the elections howard announced his resignation, and david cameron was chosen to succeed him. cameron moved the party more toward the center, and in 2010 the conservatives won a plurality. they formed a coalition (2010–15) with the liberal democrats, and cameron became prime minister. factmonster.com

  • if you pull aside the mysterious sci-fi elements, k-pax would be another disappointing feel-good film like spacey's recent pay it forward. but director iain softley doesn't let that happen here. prot's bizarre predicament lies at the film's heart. k-pax's construction rather elegantly keeps both possibilities—earthman or spaceman—afloat. the result is a playfully original addition to the season's offerings. infoplease.com

  • the other study, led by researcher dr. iain lang at the peninsula college of medicine and dentistry in the united kingdom, found in a review of nearly 5,100 adults aged 65 or older that those most likely to binge drink were more likely to experience a decline in their mental function. medicinenet.com

  • but several issues need to be addressed, noted clive ballard, md, and iain lang, dphil, of the university of exeter medical school in england, in an accompanying editorial. "alcohol use disorders are probably associated with poor diet and lifestyle, smoking, cardiovascular comorbidity, lower adherence to medical treatments, depression, and potentially social isolation," they wrote. medpagetoday.com

  • sources: federation internationale de football association (fifa); federation internationale de football association (fifa). population figures from world bank: (1) united nations population division. world population prospects, (2) united nations statistical division. population and vital statistics report (various years), (3) census reports and other statistical publications from national statistical offices, (4) eurostat: demographic statistics, (5) secretariat of the pacific community: statistics and demography programme, and (6) u.s. census bureau: international database.; iain jeffree, fifa country codes rec.sport.soccer statistics foundation, 22 oct 2009. nationmaster.com