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en ("in the same place")

ibidem, in the same place. indicates a reference to the same source as the previous one.

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  • 4 ibid.; sharon a. devaney, “retirement preparation of older and younger baby boomers,” financial counseling and planning 6, 1995, pp. 25–34; and rui yao, sherman d. hanna, and catherine p. montalto, “the capital accumulation ratio as an indicator of retirement adequacy,” financial counseling and planning 14, no. 2, 2003, pp. 1–11. bls.gov

  • (46) "u.s. objectives in south vietnam." pentagon papers (the new york times edition: bantam books, 1971), pp. 283, 284. the above statement, incorporated into the nsam, was a verbatim repeat of a memorandum for the president the secretary of defense, robert mcnamara, had prepared the previous day, 16 march 1964. ibid., p. 278. cia.gov

  • burgess, k. (2000) ibid.; carlson, e. (spring 2003). in the sheep's clothing of resident's rights: behind the rhetoric of "negotiated risk" in assisted living. naela quarterly: the journal of the national academy of elder law attorneys; lynch, a.a., teachworth, s.a. (2002). risky business: the enforceability and use of negotiated risk agreements. seniors housing & care journal, 10 (1), 3-29. hhs.gov

  • † chief of a brewers' bureau and president of the association of commerce and labor, an organization set up by the brewers to give the appearance of voluntary outside protest against prohibition. percy andreae was under contract to receive $40,000 per year from the brewers. ( ibid., page 1032, exhibit no. 780.) infoplease.com