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en. used in citations to state that the citation is found in the same work as the one previously cited.


the unconscious impulsive component of the in the freudian psychoanalytic model.


used in citations to state that the citation is to the work immediately previously cited.

an ident.


of or pertaining to; appended to various foreign words to make an english adjective or noun form. often added to words of greek, sometimes latin, origin.

forming common names of members of a taxon which has a name ending in -idae.


to request to see a person's identification for proof of identity or age.

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identity documentinside diameterintelligent designmakeibidreptilian brainlizard brain

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  • 2 the final demand–intermediate demand (fd–id) system was first introduced in january 2011 as a set of experimental indexes. with the release of data for january 2014, the fd–id system replaced the stage of processing (sop) system. nearly all fd–id services and construction indexes provide historical data back to either november 2009 or april 2010. the fd–id indexes for goods that correspond to the historical sop indexes go back to the 1970s or earlier. for more information about the fd–id system, see jonathan c. weinhagen, “a new, experimental system of indexes from the ppi program,” monthly labor review, february 2011, https://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2011/02/art1full.pdf, or visit the ppi fd–id system webpage at https://www.bls.gov/ppi/fdidaggregation.htm. bls.gov

  • influence mapping is a process that involves identifying the individuals and groups with the power to effect a key decision, including the position and motives of each person and the best channels through which to communicate with them. the approach is also known as stakeholder influence mapping, power mapping or the arena of influence (http://www.odi.org.uk/resources/details.asp?id=5697&title=influence-mapping-stakeholder-analysis ). cdc.gov

  • ,state government finances characteristic,description file type,ascii rec length,35 characters data fields per record,1 record type,"fixed length, no delimiter" file naming convention,xxstate35.txt where xx represents the last two digits of the fiscal year of the data represented in the file field name,position,start position,length,characteristic , "government id [http://www2.census.gov/govs/state/government_ids.xls] [excel, 17kb]",1-14,1,14,"numeric,zero filled" "item code [http://www2.census.gov/govs/state/itemcodes.xls] [excel, 84kb]",15-17,15,3,alpha numeric "amount (thousands)",18-32,18,12,numeric survey year,30-31,30,2,numeric year of data,32-33,32,2,numeric origin,34-35,34,2,alpha numeric , census.gov

  • the id did more than make assessments. it established its own agent networks, a library, and a print plant. the presses were a source of real power, allowing the id to produce its own reports and maps. but the id’s reports were not heeded. when war loomed in south africa, id warnings of upcoming trouble with the boers were ignored. (278) cia.gov

  • when you use our mobile applications, in addition to information described in our privacy policy, such as your profile and contact information, we automatically collect certain information from your device including your precise geolocation, information about your device such as the device type, device id, operating system, wireless service provider and information about the operation of our application and your usage of our application, including features you used, pages you viewed, and when and for how long you used the application. by using epocrates mobile applications, you agree that epocrates may collect this information and use, transmit, process, and store that information as described in epocrates' privacy policy including to provide and improve our services. epocrates.com

  • wear a medical id. choose a bracelet, necklace, or medical id tag that identifies you as a person who has diabetes. “if your blood sugar gets too low and you pass out, if you’re wearing an id bracelet, the people around you will be able to determine that you have diabetes and get you the appropriate help,” christ says. everydayhealth.com

  • the original feasts of islam are id al-fitr, corresponding to the breaking of the fast of ramadan, and id al-adha, coinciding with the pilgrimage to mecca. shiite islam also celebrates id al-ghadir, the anniversary of muhammad's declaration of ali as his successor. other islamic holidays include al-mawlid al-nabawwi, muhammad's birthday, and al-isra wa-l-miraj, the anniversary of his miraculous journey to jerusalem and ascension to heaven. among the islamic religious honorifics are shaykh, a generic term refering to a religious scholar or a mystic master; qadi, a religious judge (handling particular cases); mufti, a religious authority who issues general legal opinions; and mullah, a synonym of shaykh used in the persian-speaking world. factmonster.com

  • dr. cameron white is a physician specializing in internal medicine and infectious diseases. in 2016, dr. white graduated from tulane school of medicine and tulane university school of public health and tropical medicine with her md and mph, respectively. she is currently an infectious diseases fellow at the university of alabama at birmingham. her interests include general id and antibiotic stewardship. healthline.com

  • we think that, as we look at purposes for the national plan id, in the 835 5010, it establishes that once a national plan id has been created, that plan id will be used in the field in the payer id identification in the 835. so we do see the need there to have a payer id that would identify the administrator or the processor, as it is being used today, representing the tax id. hhs.gov

  • this site uses cookies and similar tracking technologies such as the common id cookie to provide its services. cookies are important devices for measuring advertising effectiveness and ensuring a robust online advertising industry. the common id cookie stores a unique user id in the first party domain and is accessible to our ad partners. this simple id that can be utilized to improve user matching, especially for delivering ads to ios and macos browsers. users can opt out of the common id tracking cookie by clicking here. infoplease.com

  • milton rogovin. [“chino” and baby], no.9. [robert “chino” montalvo as a boy, buffalo, new york], no. 10. [robert “chino” montalvo with his baby, buffalo, new york], no. 11. gelatin silver prints, 1972, 1984, 1992. prints and photographs division, library of congress. gift of the artist and family (138.2a-2c) digital id#s ppmsca-09910, 09911, 09912 loc.gov

  • it's also very important to tell your family that you want to be a donor. hospitals seek consent from the next of kin before removing organs, although this is not required if you're registered with your state's donor registry or have donor designation on your driver's license or state id card. mayoclinic.org

  • also, cyberbullyers may send viruses, spam attacks, and harmful programs to compromise or destroy the victim's computer, bully, and threaten a victim in chat rooms, carll says. they may also use caller id spoofing, carll says. that's when the name of a person calling a victim shows up on caller id as a favorite aunt, for example. medicinenet.com

  • anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia with immune deficiency (eda-id) is a form of ectodermal dysplasia, which is a group of conditions characterized by abnormal development of ectodermal tissues including the skin, hair, teeth, and sweat glands. in addition, immune system function is reduced in people with eda-id. the signs and symptoms of eda-id are evident soon after birth, and due to the severity of the immune system problems, most people with this condition survive only into childhood. medlineplus.gov

  • among patients with axspa, disease activity as early as week 2 predicted longer-term outcomes. none of the 27 patients with very high disease activity on the asdas at week 2 achieved asdas id at week 48, compared with 71% (22/31) of patients with asdas id at week 2 who achieved asdas id at week 48. a trend of decreasing achievement of asdas id was observed with higher disease activity at week 2, with a similar trend at weeks 8 and 12. medpagetoday.com

  • emotional problems and learning disorders also can be mistaken for id. children who have been severely deprived of normal love and attention (see overview of child neglect and abuse) for long periods of time may seem to have id. a child with delays in sitting or walking (gross motor skills) or in manipulating objects (fine motor skills) may have a neurologic disorder not associated with id. merckmanuals.com