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an act lacking intelligence or sense; an instance of senselessness; extremely foolish behaviour.

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  • moviegoers ignored reviews of the waterboy and took in the movie en masse, making its $39.1 million opening weekend take the highest-grossing november and december opening in history. bayou waterboy bobby boucher (sandler) has endured an emasculating mother (bates) and the barbs of the football team for years. when he gets fired from his job and then hired at a less prestigious school by a paternal coach (winkler), who encourages bobby to stand up for himself, the 31-year-old unleashes a talent for tackling and becomes the team's star player. bobby's idiocy and the bates' backwoods mama provide the fodder for the few lowbrow laughs. infoplease.com

  • the disorder was also once called mongolism, a term now considered perjorative, and to be avoided in english. (it is still used in some countries). other names that have been used over the years include mongol, mongoloid, mongolian imbecile, mongoloid idiot, mongoloid deformity, kalmuck idiocy, tartar, unfinished child, langdon-down syndrome, down's anomaly, and down's deformity. medicinenet.com

  • that the policy wonks, health economists and other quantitative moralizers who, in an unprecedented moral frenzy, have compared healthcare's re-reform to isis and the iraq war, have proposed little to tame the charges, reveals a troubling level of mathematical puritanism which resides in that no man's land between absurdity and idiocy. ideology, particularly when ostensibly supported by statistics, truly guts common sense. medpagetoday.com