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initialism of en (irish railways)


initialism of en


forming colloquial nouns signifying the person associated with suffixed noun or verb.

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  • welcome to the annual refiling survey.to report your survey data, you must logon with a valid password for the web id that is included in your bureau of labor statistics (bls) survey request. users have encountered compatibility issues with our security protocols when using internet explorer 9 (or earlier). please use a different browser (google chrome, mozilla firefox, safari) or a newer version of ie. bls.gov

  • the reason they don’t have get a gun on the list is because this is actually a list of things to do in the event of a real emergency ie natural disaster or terrorist attack. they don’t want armed scared americans roaming the streets or showing up to red cross sites with rifles and shot guns lol. cdc.gov

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  • before diving into how it works, it’s important to clear up something: ie is absolutely not a diet. ie may have been around for nearly 25 years, but because it’s gaining popularity now, “diet culture is co-opting it as a diet, which is unfortunate,” says tribole. ie is often called a “hunger-fullness” diet, but that puts constraints on the approach. ie is all about compassion. everydayhealth.com

  • according to a 2005 story in the miami herald, the brothers “were originally called pretty rickie and the maverix, until the country group the mavericks objected, and the brothers decided ‘y’ endings are ‘more masculine’ than ‘ie'”… baby blue began going by the name diamond blue in 2007, but has since used both names… joe smith is no relation to polygamous mormon leader joseph smith. factmonster.com

  • ms. bradley: it is about 40 percent ie, it’s about another 40 percent mozilla, and i was surprised to see safari was down the list there at 14 percent, which maybe just helps me understand that health services researchers are using ie still. also maybe the microsoft folks and i’m coming from a heavily bay area perspective at this point. hhs.gov

  • this day one of our hunters brought me a white heron. this bird as an inhabitant of ponds and marasses, and feeds upon tadpoles, frogs, small fish &c- they are common to the mississipi and the lower part of the ohio river, (ie) as high as the falls of that river. infoplease.com

  • this grandiose production gave the talented robert siodmak a budget and he certainly dishes out production values: wiesbaden on the metro backlot. the gambling palace is worth a visit just to observe young feodor win big and lose bigger. before it's over he owes his soul (ie, the future royalties his masterpieces will bring in) to casino owner melvyn douglas. loc.gov

  • of the 34,905 surgeries, 11,756 (33.7%) were for du-ie and 23,149 (66.3%) were for ndu-ie. overall, infective endocarditis surgeries increased 1.7-fold during the period studied. the increase was driven most strongly by an increase in du-ie surgeries, which increased 2.7-fold. du-ie accounted for 24% of infective endocarditis surgeries in 2011 and 38% in 2018. mayoclinic.org

  • in the navy i worked around aircraft and flew six years on a flight crew, this was long ago and we didn't use ear/hearing protection. i have had loud noise for 10-15 years. a couple of years ago i started to "hear" noise on top of noise ie. a high pitched ring with clocks ticking on top of that (it wakes me up). i read somewhere that gabapentin (neurotin) would help and it does take care of the top level of noise ie. the clock ticking sound. i take 300mg twice a day, check with your doctor. medicinenet.com

  • at least 10 dnmt1 gene mutations have been identified in people with another nervous system disorder called hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type ie (hsan ie). as in adcadn, (described above), people with hsan ie have sensorineural deafness, sensory neuropathy, cognitive decline, and a shortened lifespan. however, they typically do not have the ataxia or narcolepsy that occurs in adcadn, and the sensory neuropathy begins earlier in life in people with hsan ie. seizures can also occur in this disorder. medlineplus.gov

  • four of six patients with total pancreatectomy had islet yields exceeding 5,000 islet equivalents per kilogram of body weight (ie/kg). among the three patients who had pancreatectomy and still need insulin, two had islet yields of less than 1,000 ie/kg and the third has a strong family history of type 1 diabetes, the researchers said. medpagetoday.com

  • because of the possibility of a carrier state, testing is usually done only on symptomatic patients (ie, those with multiple liquid stools). because of the test characteristics, several or all of these tests are usually done, either sequentially or at once. one strategy is to first do gdh and toxin assays. if these are concordant (ie, both positive or both negative), then disease is considered confirmed or excluded. discordant test results (ie, one positive, one negative) are resolved based on results of naat testing. merckmanuals.com

  • because it would severely limit the conduct of diagnostics research, the department of health and human services should withdraw the draft proposal to institute a new informed consent requirement for research with de-identified residual clinical samples, outlined in the 2011 advanced notice of proposed rulemaking for human subjects research protections (ie, the common rule). nih.gov

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