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uncertain or chancy.

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  • most alternative treatments are costly and iffy. the important thing is to work with a credible source. this was the treatment that was controversial with suzanne somers when she decided to forgo chemotherapy; she did, however, opt for radiation after lumpectomy and continued iscador injections throughout. mistletoe remains a popular and somewhat conventional treatment option in europe. everydayhealth.com

  • ok. eleven, is that it? twelve? yes. ok. so i don’t know if we are expecting janine or somebody will call the — so 12, and i am sure — i would think with the weather being as iffy as it is that they’ll understand if there’s a little change, but we were supposed to give them a number by ten o’clock. hhs.gov

  • "liposuction is a little bit iffy for teenagers," he says. "but we do a fair number of noses -- that's an obvious deformity and something that can be corrected at that age with very good results. pinning ears back if they're very self-conscious can help. we can also correct acne scarring, once the acne process stops." medicinenet.com

  • these problems, according to the report, include lax management and discipline by the state, unlicensed counselors tending to teens with severe disorders, iffy inspections, and constrained recourse for those in the programs. lawsuits against them include claims of physical punishment, isolation, and "confrontation therapy." some are managed by religious institutions and receive even less oversight. medpagetoday.com