immaterial Definitions


so insubstantial as to be irrelevant.

immaterial thesaurus

ungermaneneither here nor there

Examples include immaterial

  • finally, considerable debate arises in regard to analyses of hourly pay of teachers and other professionals because the number of hours teachers work at home is uncertain but mostly likely is more than that of other professionals. still, allegretto, corcoran, and mishel compared results on hourly and weekly earnings measures and found no substantial differences.21 in sum, in documenting trends in pay over time, the pay interval under study (weekly, annual, or hourly) is immaterial as regards changes in relative pay. bls.gov

  • 3. though not the subject of this article, speed becomes an increasingly important factor in rethinking, in intelligence and the other instruments of national security, the whole issue of "security." denying an adversary the knowledge of a friendly unit's location at a given moment becomes largely immaterial if the unit is moving faster than the adversary can gain, process, or act on information locating it at that location. information delay, always a part of security planning, may need to become more important, relatively speaking, than information denial. cia.gov

  • jerome says stephanie’s extreme mood swings were challenging because he couldn’t anticipate what would cause her to get angry and trigger an argument, or how to prevent these episodes. “at the surface, we’re fighting over something that was kind of immaterial to the bigger picture of what was going on, and that kind of created a lot of noise,” he says. everydayhealth.com

  • “[i]t is … immaterial that the intrusion was in aid of law enforcement. experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficent. men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” factmonster.com

  • cost benefit we talked a little bit about. we recommend some oversight of the process to interject priority decisions; whether it’s a third party or changes in the rules or the process is immaterial – we don’t want additional bureaucracy levels that slow down the process, but we just want to make sure that the priority changes get made quickly. hhs.gov

  • 3. there are two forms of brahman, the material (effect) and the immaterial (cause). the material is false, the immaterial is true. that which is true is brahman, that which is brahman is light, and that which is light is the sun. and this sun became the self of that om. infoplease.com

  • unfortunately, they don't limit themselves to prospectively limiting care provided. there's good money to be made by retrospectively denyingpayment for care already provided! much of this is accomplished on theprovider side, outlined above. but there are some particularlyegregious practices of retroactively reviewing the applications ofpatients who develop expensive health problems and rescinding coverage based on minor tyopgraphical errors or immaterial omissions. medpagetoday.com

  • religion and spirituality are similar but not identical concepts. religion is often viewed as more institutionally based, more structured, and involving more traditional rituals and practices. spirituality refers to the intangible and immaterial and thus may be considered a more general term, not associated with a particular group or organization. it can refer to feelings, thoughts, experiences, and behaviors related to the soul or to a search for the sacred. merckmanuals.com