improv Definitions


A form of live entertainment characterized by improvisation and interaction with the audience.


To perform improv.

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  • AustentatiousA handful of pre-Christmas shows for the Regency-themed long-form improv troupe – which features Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees Cariad Lloyd and Joseph Morpurgo – begin with a one-off Edinburgh gig. theguardian.com

  • Being a star of Williams’ magnitude, not everything about his quiet life in Marin was strictly low-key. Williams would pack audiences into a local theatre, where he did improv comedy with comedy writer Rick Overton. telegraph.co.uk

  • By the end of the year I have been to networking events, improv classes, performed comedy on stage, been on many more friend-dates, travelled solo and met new people along the way – I even threw a dinner party for my new friends. telegraph.co.uk

  • What was the best kiss of your life?A year after we met, my wife and I found ourselves in a comedy improv class together. We stayed in a kiss longer than was acceptable between friends, and that’s when we knew. theguardian.com