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  • ir #2 saw the united states rise to the forefront of global innovation. in addition, the effects of this revolution on productivity growth were greater and longer lasting than those of ir #1. part i of gordon’s book studies the economic and social impacts of ir #2, which spanned the period 1870–1940. the first eight chapters detail advancements in living standards, with thematic titles such as “what they ate and wore and where they bought it” and “the american home: from dark and isolated to bright and networked.” while these chapters are immensely readable as self-contained narratives, their overarching theme is that of a 70-year burst of innovation that outlasted any similar period in history, anywhere in the world. this revolution touched every production process, every form of labor and leisure activity, every building, and every vehicle. bls.gov

  • si tiene más de un hijo, considere establecer distintas horas para que se levanten en la mañana según tengan que prepararse para ir a la escuela o a la guardería infantil. despierte a los niños que necesitan más ayuda primero y luego avance con los que requieren menos ayuda. esto puede ayudar a reducir su frustración en las mañanas y hacer que todos lleguen adonde deben sin retrasos. cdc.gov

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  • dr. gabbay agrees, noting that a switch to metformin-ir is possible because it regulates blood sugar the same way metformin-er does. “er can reduce side effects in some patients (stomach upset, diarrhea) compared to regular metformin, though in all patients those side effects tend to reduce with time,” gabbay says. “dosing of er versus ir is somewhat different, so again, a switch must be managed by a patient’s primary care provider.” everydayhealth.com

  • although there are many different types of spectroscopy, they all work under the same principle. some important varieties of spectroscopy include infrared (ir) spectroscopy, uv-vis spectroscopy (which uses light in the ultraviolet and visible range of the spectrum), and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (a.k.a. nmr spectroscopy, which uses pulsed radio waves). factmonster.com

  • abstract: the purpose of this study was to determine the impact on, and cost savings to, industry resulting from the immediate release solid oral dosage forms (supac-ir) guidance. representatives of six pharmaceutical firms were interviewed to ascertain their experiences with the supac-ir program. the survey showed that positive results were achieved because the food and drug administration (fda) had established a uniform policy for post-approval chemistry and manufacturing and control changes that brought clarity to the regulatory requirements. all of those interviewed thought that the greatest impact of the supac-ir program was the enhancement of industry's ability to plan, implement change, and manage its resources efficiently. hhs.gov

  • although there are many different types of spectroscopy, they all work under the same principle. some important varieties of spectroscopy include infrared (ir) spectroscopy, uv-vis spectroscopy (which uses light in the ultraviolet and visible range of the spectrum), and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (a.k.a. nmr spectroscopy, which uses pulsed radio waves). infoplease.com

  • cuentos breves para ir y venir (stories for the road) db72962 4 horas 38 minutos compilado por juantxu herguera casado y alfredo blanco solís leído por maría pino quince cuentos breves escritos por reconocidos autores españoles y latinoamericanos que evocan viajes: en coche, camión, autobús, avión, barco, motocicleta, o bicicleta. incluye obras de benedetti, cortázar, garcía márquez, y pérez reverte. lenguaje injurioso. (fifteen short stories by spanish and latin american authors that evoke travel by car, truck, bus, airplane, boat, motorcycle, or bicycle. includes works by benedetti, cortazár, garcía márquez, pérez-reverte, and others. some strong language.) 2010. loc.gov

  • tu hijo necesitará ir a un par de consultas con el cirujano después de la cirugía. después de eso, se recomienda el seguimiento regular con el urólogo pediátrico de tu hijo una vez que haya aprendido a ir al baño y en la pubertad, a fin de verificar la cicatrización y detectar posibles complicaciones. mayoclinic.org

  • the ideal treatment of ir has not yet been agreed upon. diabetes experts can help with options currently available for diabetes. while ir is associated with an increased risk of death, there has been no major study to show that treating ir early reduces the risks of complications. it is my personal opinion that over the next few years, we will see an important shift in the treatment of diabetes. while the actual treatment of diabetes will continue, and be more precise, i think we will start to see doctors focus their attention on the treatment of earlier forms of abnormal sugar metabolism (prediabetes). medicinenet.com

  • el desfase horario puede hacer que usted tenga ganas de ir a la cama muchas horas antes de la hora de ir a dormir. también es posible que tenga problemas para dormir, se sienta cansado durante el día, se sienta confundido o fuera de sí, y no se sienta bien en general. medlineplus.gov

  • starting in 2020, two new ir training pathways will be offered: the independent ir residency and a shorter alternative ("early specialization in ir") that requires completion of 12 ir rotations during the diagnostic radiology (dr) residency. graduates will take the ir/dr exam from the american board of radiology. those who pass will be certified to practice both dr and ir. medpagetoday.com

  • a medida que progresa la enfermedad de alzheimer, aumenta la dificultad para recordar los acontecimientos del pasado. empiezan a olvidar los nombres de amigos y parientes. se necesita ayuda para comer, vestirse, lavarse e ir al baño. se pierde todo el sentido del tiempo y del espacio: los afectados se pierden incluso al ir al baño en su propia casa. su creciente confusión los hace más propensos a las caídas y la deambulación. merckmanuals.com

  • for interventional radiology (ir), most departments have a single location for ir services or there may be a single unit/room that has certain capabilities (e.g., ct fluoroscopy, neuro-interventional requirements). in this scenario, temporal segregation is instituted where outpatient cases are performed in the mornings and inpatient procedures are performed in the afternoons or vice versa. for services with ir facilities in different locations, procedures for in- and outpatients are segregated spatially. nih.gov

  • 1. ir de compras sin un presupuesto. el 29 de noviembre es black friday, el día en que las tiendas y cadenas comerciales anuncian tentadoras rebajas en los precios de electrónicos, joyería y ropa. sin embargo, uno de los errores financieros más comunes del black friday es ir de compras sin un plan. prepare un presupuesto y sepa cuánto dinero puede gastar antes de hacer su lista de compras. usa.gov