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en given name, david's second cousin five times removed according to 1 chronicles 2.

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  • jada pinkett and will smith first met in 1990 when she auditioned to play smith’s girlfriend on his sitcom the fresh prince of bel-air. she didn’t get the part, but over time their relationship blossomed. their lavish wedding at the cloisters near baltimore was the subject of celebrity gossip. their happy marriage has resulted in two children (smith also has a son from a previous marriage). everydayhealth.com

  • in 2016, the academy of motion picture arts and sciences failed for a second consecutive year to nominate any african-american actors in the major acting categories, prompting director spike lee and actor jada pinkett smith to call for a boycott of the 2016 ceremony. while the academy has snubbed highly talented minority artists in recent years, oscar has not always displayed such a lack of diversity, previously honoring a number of deserving minority actors with statues. take a look at previous winners. factmonster.com

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  • 8 at the same time when he received the vessels of the house of the lord, that were carried out of the temple, to return them into the land of juda, the tenth day of the month sivan, namely, silver vessels, which sedecias the son of josias king of jada had made, infoplease.com

  • i recall, after my second daughter, jada, was born, for reasons still unclear to me, i had accepted an extremely demanding position as the state medical director for the division of mental health. my work seemed to be nonstop, and my worries even interfered with my sleep. i also happened to notice that my weight loss following jada's birth seemed to be rather slow. be sure, however, the thought of dieting never even crossed my mind. medicinenet.com

  • the tufts at tech community veterinary clinic is a collaboration between worcester technical high school (wths) and the veterinary school at tufts. i first learned about this special place where vets, certified vet techs, vet students on their fourth-year rotations, high school students, and even international visitors work together to offer veterinary services to worcester area residents who qualify for subsidized care for their pets. wths sports a bank, automotive service, and restaurant open to the public on the school grounds. it is so unique that president obama gave a commencement speech to the high school’s class of 2014. it’s no wonder why! despite only seeing one part of the school, namely the veterinary clinic, i have been so impressed with the high school students’ work ethic, maturity, and ambition…(and a special shout-out to my high school buddies jada and celine!). merckmanuals.com