jain Definitions


of or pertaining to jainism.


an adherent or follower of jainism.

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  • "a scoring system called has-bled can help to weigh the risk of bleeding. you and your doctor will have to consider your risk factors for bleeding and weigh them against your risk factors for stroke," says dr. jain. has-bled is an acronym for key bleeding risk in which points are assigned for each risk factor: everydayhealth.com

  • mahavira lived the life of a wealthy indian nobleman until the age of thirty. he then renounced his wealth, property, and family and took up the life of an ascetic. he preached a doctrine of self-denial and austerity, and advocated extreme nonviolence toward all living beings, two of the major tenets of the jain religion. following these precepts, he maintained, would lead to salvation. mahavira is considered the last of jainism's 24 saints. factmonster.com

  • evidence for persistent infection/chronic symptomatology/chronic co-infection – there have been anecdotal reports and small case series describing coinfection of tbvs with other tbds (tokarz, jain, bennett, briese & lipkin, 2010; tokarz et al., 2019). these are rarely reported because: (1) the rarity of tbvs in ticks, and (2) the probability that healthcare providers look for other pathogens first. if one or more of those is positive, it is not uncommon for additional testing to be cancelled or not ordered, leaving potential coinfections undiscovered. developing new tests for tbvs and adding them to tbd testing panels should help address this issue. hhs.gov

  • jainism is an ancient religious tradition from india; per its practitioners jainism is eternal, or at least older than hinduism, but many historical estimates will place it contemporary with buddhism as a classical offshoot of old vedic tradition. like buddhism, jainism received varying degrees of support or opposition from powerful sponsors, and was in constant dialogue with india's other religious traditions. unlike buddhism, jainism didn't spread far outside of its home in india, and today the vast majority of the world's 4-5 million jains live in india. the jain community enjoys a large profile, however, due to their high literacy rates and the esteem mohandas gandhi professed for jain teachings and beliefs. infoplease.com

  • the study's lead author, dr. seema jain, a medical epidemiologist in the cdc's influenza division, said the study found more viruses in people with pneumonia than expected. jain said better testing may be one reason why. vaccines for bacterial causes of pneumonia may be another reason, jain suggested in the news release. medicinenet.com

  • unfortunately, his story is not uncommon in today's healthcare system, but it is a narrative that sachin jain, md, is trying to change. jain, former ceo of caremore health and aspire health who recently transitioned to scan health plan, is a leader in innovative care delivery models. much of his work involves frail and elderly patients, and revolves around providing holistic, preventive care. medpagetoday.com