jake Definitions


adequate; satisfactory; acceptable.


a male given name.


a discordian prank involving a large number of people sending bizarre letters or parcels to a targeted individual.


to play a discordian prank on (somebody), involving a large number of people sending bizarre letters or parcels to that person.

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  • my son jake jake took wellbutrin for about 8 months. it would help jake not feel depressed, but jake had other issues too. it has taken a long time for jake's doctor to put him on several medications together to treat his bipolar and hyperactivity. wellbutrin would work for about 4 months until jake's body got use to the medicine. then jake would just get too hyper or have mood swings. everydayhealth.com

  • you may be asking yourself, what plot could a 12-year-old come up with that would lead to a best seller and two sequels? well, jake decided simply to write about his life and turn it into a novel. the just jake books tell the story of a 12-year-old sixth grader named jake, who is based off of the author himself. within the story, the reader follows the adventures of jake as he and his family move from florida to maryland. he must then try to adjust to his new school and life in a different state. jake touches upon a number of different topics such as friends, family, and school. the book’s humor and relatability for younger audiences has helped it skyrocket to the top of the best-seller list. factmonster.com

  • we think that if we can move that from our baseline of 63 percent up to 85 percent, that incrementally each year, we will see a five percent decrease in the incidence of the complications of high blood pressure, which jake mentioned early on, is probably worth about $3 billion over a five-year period of time. thank you. hhs.gov

  • i'll be home for christmas sucks the merry right out of christmas. obnoxious, greedy college student jake (taylor thomas) would rather spend the holiday on an island with his girlfriend (biel) than with his family in new york, so his father bribes him with a vintage porsche if he'll come home. jake gives in, but when his business of helping lug-head jocks pass exams backfires, he finds himself glued inside a santa suit in the desert. he must hitchhike his way home in time to make good on his promise. quite predictably, jake learns the true meaning of christmas. stay home and rent a christmas story. infoplease.com

  • the last werewolf db74130 12 hours 39 minutes by glen duncan read by alec volz when a hunter decapitates herr wolfgang, it leaves jake marlowe the last known werewolf. although depressed, jake fights to stay alive—only to have an enemy offer him a strange deal. explicit descriptions of sex, some strong language, and some violence. 2011. loc.gov

  • karen siff exkorn's son jake was also diagnosed with autism at age 2, she says. "we hired a team of therapists who literally came to our house every two hours," she tells webmd. "my husband and i did it over the weekend. we did that for two full years,'' she says. medicinenet.com

  • inside the "invoices" folder, pratte found about a dozen bills that appeared to be from a fort worth nonprofit organization where his daughter and williams took their son jake for autism treatment. as pratte suspected, the invoices turned out to be fake. williams had pretended to take jake for therapy, then created the false bills so he could pocket a cash "reimbursement" from a county agency. medpagetoday.com

  • jake rosenberg is an md/phd student at stanford. originally from avon connecticut, jake went to brown university in rhode island for college where he concentrated in biophysics, worked in a plant epigenetics lab, and enjoyed biking all over beautiful providence. while at brown he also took a year off from college between sophomore and junior year to work on a farm in northern connecticut. after college, jake had the opportunity to work in an hiv-immunology lab at rockefeller university before he began his studies at stanford where he is now an md/phd student in immunology. for his research, jake is looking at the role of autoantibodies in immunodeficiency, and he looks forward to telling you more about his work and life as a med student in the coming months here on the blog. merckmanuals.com