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any thick mass of rock that prevents miners from following the lode or vein.


to fix or attach a jamb to.

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  • sculpture and stained glass were formally and spiritually integrated within the gothic cathedral to express a theological program or scheme. the royal portal at chartres (mid-12th cent.) exemplifies the early achievements in the development toward a coherent sculptural scheme; the tympanum, archivolts, and jamb figures are newly united structurally and iconographically to emphasize the importance of christ on earth. images of christ began to reveal a tendency toward greater humanization. factmonster.com

  • there's a clear focus here as the band blasts through radio friendly tracks like the free-meets-badfinger lead single “dope nose,” the relentless guitar riffs and anger of “slob,” and the wonderfully rhythmic “burndt jamb,” which grabs a groove reminiscent of george benson's “breezin',” then tears it in two with blistering guitars. infoplease.com

  • 18. photographic copy of architectural drawing by proudfoot, bird, & rawson architects (c. 1911); original in possession of brooks borg and skiles architects and engineers, des moines, iowa sheet 12: sill, jamb, and wood ventilator details - audubon public library, 401 north park place, audubon, audubon county, ia 8 x 10 in.habs iowa,5-aud,1--18 | habs iowa,5-aud,1--18 loc.gov

  • my husband fell and bumped the back of his head on a door jamb. even though he was treated and checked for a concussion, nothing showed up. four weeks later he had a seizure and was confused and unable to talk. tests showed he had a subdural hematoma and was hospitalized. he was given platelets to stop the bleeding and remained in the hospital for several days. we are in a wait and see period now and are scheduled for a repeat ct scan and follow up appointment with the neurosurgeon. wish us luck. medicinenet.com