jan Definitions


abbreviation of january

en given name

a female nickname, sometimes used as a formal given name.

a male given name, in english mostly applied to foreign language speakers.

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  • unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, january 1999-january 2002 percent 1999 jan 4.3 feb 4.3 mar 4.2 apr 4.4 may 4.2 jun 4.3 jul 4.3 aug 4.2 sep 4.2 oct 4.1 nov 4.1 dec 4.1 2000 jan 4.0 feb 4.1 mar 4.0 apr 3.9 may 4.1 jun 4.0 jul 4.1 aug 4.1 sep 4.0 oct 3.9 nov 4.0 dec 4.0 2001 jan 4.2 feb 4.2 mar 4.3 apr 4.5 may 4.4 jun 4.6 jul 4.6 aug 4.9 sep 5.0 oct 5.4 nov 5.6 dec 5.8 2002 jan 5.6 bls.gov

  • modest changes were made in 2009 to the region and country groupings. specifically, macau (code 225) is now included under the definition of china, and jan mayen (code 121) and svalbard (code 135) are included under the definition of norway, please see 2009 acs code list.  these changes do not limit comparing most 2005-2009 acs 5-year and 2010-2014 acs 5-year estimates. census.gov

  • (109) cia/ig report, pp. 53, 54. see also mccone, memorandum for mcnamara, l4 march l964, (s), cia files, job no. 80bl285a, dci/mccone, box 2, folder l0, "dci (mccone) memos for the record, l jan-5 april l964," and mccone's comments on mcnamara memorandum for the president, l6 march l964, in gareth porter (ed), vietnam: the definitive documentation of human decisions, vol ii, p. 258. cia.gov

  • jan, the 49-year-old wife of a recovering alcoholic, sought help and followed the advice she was given. “after i joined al-anon and got some counseling, i learned that i had to take my focus off of my alcoholic husband and put it back on myself,” says jan, which is not her real name. everydayhealth.com

  • capital: providencegovernor: gina raimondo, d (to jan. 2019)lieut. governor: daniel mckee, d (to jan. 2019)secy. of state: nellie gorbea, d (to jan. 2019)general treasurer: seth magaziner, d (to jan. 2019)atty. general: peter kilmartin, d (to jan. 2019)u.s. representatives: 2senators: jack reed, d (to jan. 2021); sheldon whitehouse, d (to jan. 2019)see also: historical biographies of rhode island congress members factmonster.com

  • 2020 - jan | feb | mar | apr| may | jun | jul | aug| sep | oct | nov | dec 2019 - jan | feb | mar | apr | may | jun | jul | aug | sep | oct | nov | dec 2018 - jan | feb | mar | apr | may | jun | jul | aug | sep | oct | nov | dec 2017 - jan | feb | mar | apr | may | jun | jul | aug | sep | oct | nov | dec hhs.gov

  • * legislatures that memorialized congress on behalf of the federal woman suffrage amendment in 1919: colorado jan. 3; michigan jan. 3; indiana jan. 9; south dakota jan. 9; north dakota jan. 11; washington jan. 13; arkansas jan. 14; oregon jan. 14; utah jan. 14; new york jan. 15; wisconsin jan. 16; california jan. 17; nebraska jan. 17; kansas jan. 20; texas jan. 20; arizona jan. 21; idaho jan. 23; minnesota jan. 23; missouri jan. 23; montana jan. 23; nevada jan. 28; illinois jan. 29; wyoming feb. 1; ohio feb. 5. infoplease.com

  • ceramic fireplace grate. this new type ceramic fireplace grate may be used in a million homes this winter. it may replace the cast iron fireplace grates, production of which has been discontinued by a war production board (wpb) order 1942 jan. or 1943 jan. | 1 negative | freeman, albertlc-use6- d-007099 [p&p] lot 1915 (corresponding photographic print) | lc-use6-d-007099 (b&w film neg.) loc.gov

  • researchers investigated the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among young adults who had cet as children using data from the rochester epidemiology project. the research team identified all patients younger than 19 years who resided in olmsted county, minn., and were diagnosed with cet between jan. 1, 1965, and dec. 31, 1994. mayoclinic.org

  • sources: jan. 23, 2009, u.s. food and drug administration update; jan. 21, 2009, news conference, stephen sundlof, d.v.m., director, center for food safety and applied nutrition, u.s. food and drug administration; jan. 20, 2009, news release, u.s. centers for disease control and prevention; jan. 18, 2009, news release, u.s. food and drug administration; jan. 19, 2009, news release, clif bar & co.; jan. 19, 2009, news release, abbott nutrition; jan. 18, 2009, news release, ralcorp frozen bakery products; jan. 17, 2009, news release, perry's ice cream co.; jan. 17, 2009, news release, hy-vee bakery; jan. 14, 2009, news release, kellogg co., battle creek, mich.; jan 10, 2009, online statement, peanut corp. of america; associated press medicinenet.com

  • sebastiani p, solovieff n, dewan at, walsh km, puca a, hartley sw, melista e, andersen s, dworkis da, wilk jb, myers rh, steinberg mh, montano m, baldwin ct, hoh j, perls tt. genetic signatures of exceptional longevity in humans. plos one. 2012;7(1):e29848. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0029848. epub 2012 jan 18. pubmed: 22279548. free full-text available from pubmed central: pmc3261167. medlineplus.gov

  • however, as of feb. 11, the presumed asymptomatic carrier had no fever, no symptoms, and no lab abnormalities, including c-reactive protein level and lymphocyte count. she tested negative on jan. 26, before testing positive on jan. 28, and negative on feb. 5 and 8. chest ct images taken on jan. 27 and 31 showed no abnormalities, the authors said. medpagetoday.com

  • child fatalities by pit bull type dog (9): tyler trammell-huston, 9 y.o. old, marysville,ca ** ‡ jan.4th. sisters pit bulls payton lyrik sawyers 15 mos. old girl , grayson county, va ** jan.6th, mothers friends pit bull mix. talen nathan west, 7 y.o. old, lumberton, n.c. ** jan.24th. neighbors pit bull killed the child. sebastian caban, 3 day old baby, mira mesa, ca ** ‡ april.22nd by a family pet pit bull. hunter bragg– 7 y.o. – corinna, me ** ‡ [june 4 – parents’ pit bull] susie kirby, 3 day old baby girl, fresno ca, ** ‡ june.28th by two family pit bull mixes. kayden colter begay, 3 y.o.,seba dalkai, az, navajo reservation ** july.14 by 12 pit bulls derion stevenson, 9 y.o., les vegas,nv, ** ‡ aug.17 by friends pit bull piper dunbar ,2 years old, topeka, kan, ** ‡ by 2 family pit bulls. merckmanuals.com

  • sereti i, krebs sj, phanuphak n, fletcher jl, slike b, pinyakorn s, o'connell rj, rupert a, chomont n, valcour v, kim jh, robb ml, michael nl, douek dc, ananworanich j, utay ns; rv254/search 010, rv304/search 013 and search 011 protocol teams. persistent, albeit reduced, chronic inflammation in persons starting antiretroviral therapy in acute hiv infection. clin infect dis. 2017 jan 15;64(2):124-131. nih.gov