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surname derived from a medieval variant of john.

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  • these data are for parents with biological, step-, or adopted children living in the household and are averages of all days of the week. they are from the american time use survey. to learn more, see "time use of working parents: a visual essay," by mary dorinda allard and marianne janes, monthly labor review, june 2008. bls.gov

  • i have a foot in each camp in this. i do agree with jim that real people, so to speak - actual constituents - come in to congress with powerful stories can really make a difference. yet i have also seen the star power of when i testified before congress about a year and a half ago. on the house side, the subcommittee that writes the nih budget, it was a sparsely filled room when i was speaking. then actress julianne moore entered the room to speak about a terrible disease called tubular sclerosis, and people magazine and a handful of cameras basically were knocking each other over to get the best angle. so the star power still can help, but we can also achieve our goals with average joes and janes. everydayhealth.com

  • ms. janes: gail janes from the epidemiology program office at cdc. i'm a visitor to the subcommittee. epo is working with a number of the states, dan friedman in massachusetts, as well as five other states on a project called the assessment initiative, which is focusing primarily on innovative ways of collecting, linking, and disseminating state data. hhs.gov

  • principal government officialspresident--toomas hendrik ilves prime minister--andrus ansip (reform) foreign affairs--urmas paet (reform) internal affairs--juri pihl (social democrats) social affairs--maret maripuu (reform) education--tonis lukas (ismaa and res public union) economy--juhan parts (ismaa and res public union) justice--rein lang (reform) defense--jaak aaviksoo (ismaa and res public union) environment--jaanus tamkivi (reform) agriculture--helir-valdor seeder (ismaa and res public union) finance--ivari padar (social democrats) culture--laine janes (reform) population and migration--urve palo (social democrats) public administration and regional affairs--vallo reimaa (ismaa and res public union) riigikogu chairman--ene ergma (ismaa and res public union) infoplease.com

  • but nobody has studied novice or recreational lifters over the long term, so questions remain about how long average joes and janes can continue to benefit from one-set workouts. the experts at the american college of sports medicine straddle the fence, saying that one set is sufficient for healthy adults, but "multiple-set regimens may provide greater benefit if time allows." medicinenet.com

  • holly janes, phd, also of the university of washington, noted that the "bedrock for hiv prevention research" is the placebo-controlled trial, but researchers have been forced to consider this factor in trial designs moving forward. she suggested "targeted recruitment" where individuals who have either declined to use or cannot use other prevention modalities, like prep, which would get the intervention to the population most in need. medpagetoday.com