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  • before chocolate candy reaches the hands of trick-or-treaters, employees in manufacturing establishments across the unites states take part in producing the familiar sweets that fill goodie bags and candy jars. to measure the concentration of employment at establishments in a defined area (in this case, counties) to that of a larger area (the united states), the bureau of labor statistics produces a ratio known as the location quotient. bls.gov

  • stock up with big jars of cheap wine. i lived thru northridge earthquake and afterwards, without power, without gas, without water, for almost a week. suddenly there is literally nothing to do. so, just post yourself on a coach, listen to battery operated radio, if you have one, or read a book (hey, remember? there is something like that!) and sip your burgundy. i guarantee, you’ll discover you never tried better wine than this one. cdc.gov

  • the airmen’s bond depicts the heroism of an air america uh-34d crew conducting one such rescue of two us air force a1e bomber pilots. overhead, a “raven” forward air controller flying an o-1 observation plane directs two air america-piloted t-28ds in strafing runs against advancing communist forces. the rescue takes place on the plaine des jarres, a critical communist supply route in the high plateau of north-central laos. the area, which became one of the most bombed places on earth, derives its name from the presence of hundreds of large stone jars. believed to have been used as funerary urns by a bronze age people, the jars range in size from 3 to 10 feet in height and can weigh more than 10 tons. cia.gov

  • mcconnell, 38, says he considered getting a tattoo of canopic jars, the vessels ancient egyptians sealed in tombs. the jars traditionally held four organs: the stomach, intestines, lungs, and liver, and he thought a tattoo of the stomach and intestines jars would be a particularly fitting image to represent his crohn’s disease. in the end, the air force vet got the ancient egyptian goddess isis on his right bicep. among other things, isis is the goddess of healing. everydayhealth.com

  • mount horeb mustard museummount horeb, wis.it’s heaven for hotdog lovers! this museum claims to have world’s largest collection of prepared mustards. its more than 4,100 jars, bottles and tubes of the condiment come from every state and from 60 nations, including turkey and tibet. visitors learn the history of mustard, from how it’s made to how it’s advertised and sold. the museum’s creator, barry levenson, loves mustard so much, he even puts it on ice cream! factmonster.com

  • so, just a little bit more. and i’m not sure there is anything new here. if i can describe it as maybe there’s two themes here. one is too much of stuff. so there are too many content standards, there are too many vocabulary standards, there are too many transport standards. and it’s done in the context of people should have choice. but it’s like the old analysis, you’re trying to buy jam – i think hbr does this awesome study – and people freeze. you’ve got 16 jars of jam, you can’t pick which one it is that you want to get. consumers can’t make a choice. i think the ecosystem in healthcare is the same way. hhs.gov

  • little pitchers have long ears. little folk or children hear what is said when you little think it. the ear of a pitcher is the handle, made in the shape of a man's ear. the handle of a cream-ewer and of other small jugs is quite out of proportion to the size of the vessel, compared with the handles of large jars. infoplease.com

  • you'll also need some freezer jars. many companies that make glass jars for canning also make plastic jars for freezing. ball, for example, sells a five-pack of 8-ounce plastic freezer jars. ideally, you want containers that have a screw top so the top won't pop off when the mixture freezes and expands. rubbermaid sells a "twist & seal" plastic container three-pack, with each container holding about 1 1/2 cups of jam or sauce. medicinenet.com

  • in carpal tunnel syndrome, the pain or paresthesia is usually felt in the wrist, the palm, and the first four fingers of the hand. these signs and symptoms often develop during sleep and are noticeable upon waking. affected individuals typically shake their hand to get rid of the pain and numbness, a characteristic move known as the flick sign. as the condition advances, the signs and symptoms begin to occur during the day as well. affected individuals may have difficulty performing manual tasks such as turning doorknobs, fastening buttons, or opening jars. the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may be triggered by certain activities that flex or extend the wrist, such as driving, typing, or holding a telephone. medlineplus.gov

  • formalin contains formaldehyde and is used to embalm dead bodies and to preserve surgical specimens for histologic examination. specimen jars filled with the liquid are located in each operating room. osha and epa regulations call for formalin storage bottles to be clearly marked as formalin and labeled as a chemical hazard. medpagetoday.com

  • since y’all loved my meal prep guide, i thought that i would do an update on some easy meals for breakfast lunch and dinner with the necessary ingredients for your next shopping trip! breakfast: overnight oats  ingredients: -quaker oats (not flavored) -chia seeds -milk/milk substitute -brown sugar & cinnamon -berries of any kind -mason jars […] merckmanuals.com