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a trick-taking card game popular in switzerland and neighboring areas of germany and austria.

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  • burn, j., bishop, d. t., mecklin, j. p., macrae, f., moslein, g., olschwang, s., bisgaard, m. l., ramesar, r., eccles, d., maher, e. r., bertario, l., jarvinen, h. j., lindblom, a., evans, d. g., lubinski, j., morrison, p. j., ho, j. w., vasen, h. f., side, l., thomas, h. j., scott, r. j., dunlop, m., barker, g., elliott, f., jass, j. r., fodde, r., lynch, h. t., and mathers, j. c. effect of aspirin or resistant starch on colorectal neoplasia in the lynch syndrome. n.engl.j med 12-11-2008;359(24):2567-2578. view abstract. medicinenet.com