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  • i am also pleased to note that jean fox, a research psychologist in the bls office of survey methods research, was recognized recently by the online publication fiercegovernment for her innovative work on conducting superior surveys that measure user experience. jean co-chairs the government’s user experience community and has been a long-time advocate for user experience—the behaviors and attitudes about using a particular product. you can read more about jean’s great work at bls and her mentorship of people in other federal agencies. bls.gov

  • 9. alain faupin, "reform of the french intelligence services after the end of the cold war," paper presented at the workshop on "democratic and parliamentary oversight of intelligence services," geneva, switzerland, 3-5 october 2002, geneva centre for the democratic control of armed forces, pp. 6-10; and jean-paul brodeur and nicolas dupeyron, "democracy and secrecy: the french intelligence community," in jean-paul brodeur, peter gill, and dennis tollborg, eds., democracy, law, and security: internal security services in contemporary europe (burlington, vt: ashgate, 2003), pp. 19-23. cia.gov

  • st. john's wort is an herb also known as amber, barbe de saint-jean, chasse-diable, demon chaser, fuga daemonum, goatweed, hardhay, herbe à la brûlure, herbe à mille trous, herbe aux fées, herbe aux mille vertus, herbe aux piqûres, herbe de saint éloi, herbe de la saint-jean, herbe du charpentier, herbe percée, hierba de san juan, hypereikon, hyperici herba, hypericum perforatum, klamath weed, millepertuis, millepertuis perforé, rosin rose, saynt johannes wort, sjw, or tipton weed. everydayhealth.com

  • principal government officialshead of state--grand duke henriprime minister, minister of finance--jean-claude juncker (csv)vice-prime minister, minister of foreign affairs--jean asselborn (lsap)minister of justice, minister of treasury and budget--luc frieden (csv)minister of economy and foreign trade--jeannot krecké (lsap)minister of defense--jean-louis schiltz (csv)minister of interior--jean-marie halsdorf (csv)ambassador to the united states--joseph weylandambassador to the united nations--jean-marc hoscheit factmonster.com

  • 3 stephen t. parente, roger feldman, jon b. christianson, and jean abraham, health savings accounts: early estimations on national take-up from 2003 mma and future policy proposals, final report on contract hhsp233200400573p: analytic support in assessing the impact of health savings accounts on health insurance coverage and costs, june 7, 2005.  also see roger feldman, stephen t. parente, jean abraham, jon b. christianson, and ruth taylor, "health savings accounts: early evidence of national take-up from the 2003 medicare modernization act and future policy proposals," health affairs, 24:6 (november/december, 2005), pp. 1582-1591. hhs.gov

  • (french). so the jonglers call the poupée to which they address themselves. the french protestants in the sixteenth century called “the host” jean, and the word is pretty well synonymous with buffoon. jean des vignes was a drunken marionette performer of considerable ability; “jean” was his name, “des vignes” his sobriquet. hence when a person does a bad action, the french say, “il fait comme jean des vignes;” an illicit marriage is called “le marriage de jean des vignes.” and a bad fellow is “un jean des vignes.” hence assoucy says, “moi, pauvre sot, plus sot que jean des vignes!” infoplease.com

  • pixieish teenager jean seberg is not as innocent as she looks in this perverse love story set on the french riviera. veteran director of photography georges perinal contributes both technicolor and black and white cinematography in a translation of françoise sagan's once-scandalous novel to the screen. although american audiences were indifferent to this film when it was released, bonjour tristesse has since attained classic status, particularly in france, where new wave directors enthusiastically embraced it. jean-luc godard was so smitten with seberg's persona that he fashioned a similar role for her in his epochal film breathless. loc.gov

  • over the next two months, jean received her remaining chemotherapy infusions, which were administered intravenously over a five-hour period at mayo clinic. during each visit, jean met with her medical team and learned her tumor markers continued to decrease. within two weeks of completing her final chemotherapy infusion in august 2018, jean was back to work. mayoclinic.org

  • sources: jacob selhub, phd, tufts university's jean mayer center, boston. jeffrey blumberg, phd, professor of nutrition, jean mayer usda human nutrition research center on aging, tufts university, boston. meir stampfer, md, researcher, harvard school of public health, boston. elizabeth ward, rd; and author, pregnancy nutrition. rima l. apple, author, vitamania; and professor of consumer science, university of wisconsin in madison. medicinenet.com

  • las dos estaban conscientes de la enfermedad de alzheimer y de la demencia. su hermano mayor había muerto de demencia y complicaciones con la enfermedad de parkinson a los 62 años. cuando jean cumplió 64 años, aceptó que le hicieran un examen médico y cuando recibió los resultados estaba muy abatida, y con razón. medlineplus.gov

  • canada was formally represented by governor-general michaãƒâ«l jean, the country's appointed head of state, who officially opened the conference. the haitian-born jean said she well understood the stigma that faces people with hiv and aids, since the haitian community, "to which i belong, became a target of ã¢â‚¬â¦ discrimination, unleashed like a vicious beast." medpagetoday.com

  • at the time, in october [2010], we were in the fields and a man named jean…they came back with him very sick. ‘se te dyare, vomisman’ [it was diarrhoea, vomiting]…but his family thought that something else was happening with him…like a ‘poud’ used on the streets…a ‘malfesan’ [maleficent person] attacking him. (female homemaker) nih.gov