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en given name.

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  • this drug didn't help with the pain , but the worst part was to wake up with wet pajamas ! i took baclofen , 10 mg 3 times a day for a couple of days and i will not be taking this drug anymore....i guess it relaxed the bladder a little to much....i am to old to start wetting the bed again ! jeanie everydayhealth.com

  • we are grateful to several westat colleagues who contributed to this effort. janet ciarico and jane mettenburg assisted with foster care site visits. john rogers assisted with statistical issues, and robert orwin provided research methodology consultation. susan azrin provided editorial assistance, and jeanie kemp provided word processing and other administrative support throughout the project. martha franklin and jenny crabb provided assistance with style review and production of this final product. hhs.gov

  • sir walter scott's heart of midlothian is a tale of the porteous riot, in which are introduced the interesting incidents of effie and jeanie deans. effie is seduced while in the service of mrs. saddletree, and is imprisoned for child-murder; but her sister jeanie obtains her pardon through the intercession of the queen, and marries reuben butler. infoplease.com

  • "to protect patients against high blood pressure and heart disease, we need to first understand how their physiology malfunctions. we can then identify potential treatments," study leader dr. jeanie park said in a journal news release. park is an assistant professor of medicine at emory university school of medicine in atlanta. medicinenet.com