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surname derived from geoffrey.

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  • 68 see jeffrey a. groen and anne e. polivka, “the effect of hurricane katrina on the labor market outcomes of evacuees,” american economic review, vol. 98, no. 2, may 2008, pp. 43–48; jeffrey a. groen and anne e. polivka, “hurricane katrina evacuees: who they are, where they are, and how they are faring,” monthly labor review, march 2008, https://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2008/03/art3full.pdf; and karen kosanovich, “the labor market impact of hurricane katrina: an overview,” monthly labor review, august 2006, https://www.bls.gov/opub/mlr/2006/08/art1full.pdf. bls.gov

  • total revenue for state and local governments reached an all-time high of $3.4 trillion in 2011, up 8.4 percent from 2010. find out more on friday, aug. 9, at approximately 9:15 a.m. edt as jeffrey barnett, chief of the local government finance and statistics branch at the u.s. census bureau, discusses statistics about state and local government finances, including public pensions. each friday, c-span's "america by the numbers" segment features information from the federal statistical system. the program highlights the trends and allows the public to call in or email their views. more information on previous c-span programs is available at . census.gov

  • [18]professor jeffrey pfeffer of the graduate school of business at stanford university is one of several commentators who have emphasized the importance of “slack” to enable collaboration and collective efforts—including discussion, review and comment, professional development, and service to the “community of practice,” as well as pursuing the scent of curiosity. cia.gov

  • in her new memoir, the rural diaries, the actor hilarie burton wrote that she and her husband, the walking dead star jeffrey dean morgan, struggled with miscarriage and it caused strain on their relationship. after having their son, gus, in 2010, they decided to try for another child. after trying for more than a year, she suffered a miscarriage and “took on so much guilt,” she told people magazine. “when you get blindsided by your body, that betrayal of your body is very hard to overcome,” she says. in her book, she wrote that her fertility struggles made her “the worst version of myself” and while for a time jeffrey was distant and unreachable, they got their relationship back on track. everydayhealth.com

  • landry, jeffrey m., a representative from louisiana; born in saint martinville, saint martin parish, louisiana, on december 23, 1970; b.s., university of southwestern louisiana, lafayette, la, 1999; j.d., loyola university, new orleans, la., 2004; united states army; louisiana national guard; lawyer, private practice; police officer; elected as a republican to the one hundred twelfth congress (january 3, 2011-present). factmonster.com

  • first author jeffrey iliff, ph.d. [http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jeffrey-iliff/47/856/a52], a research assistant professor in the nedergaard lab, took an in-depth look at amyloid beta, the protein that accumulates in the brain of patients with alzheimer's disease. he found that more than half the amyloid removed from the brain of a mouse under normal conditions is removed via the glymphatic system. hhs.gov

  • fully drawn characters and radiant performances make this a satisfying exploration of relationships and the middle-age psyche. lucky (nolte) and phyllis (christie) mann remain close friends though intimacy between the husband and wife has long since cooled. lucky has earned a solid reputation as a handy handyman who tends to more than lonely women's leaky faucets. he comes to the aid of marianne byron (boyle), whose driven yuppie husband, jeffrey (miller), ignores her plea to have a child. marianne has no problem letting lucky do the job. meanwhile, phyllis meets jeffrey on one of her long walks during which she mourns her estranged daughter, and the two begin their own affair. the lucky puns grow tiresome quickly. infoplease.com

  • dr. jeffrey wallach visiting two of his patients at cabrini medical center in new york--the patient on the left is hiv-, the patient on the right has aids and had just received a hickman catheter, 1991 1991. | 1 photographic print. | mcgovern, thomas, 1957-unprocessed in pr 13 cn 1993:214.4 [item] [p&p] | lc-usz62-121862 (b&w film copy neg.) loc.gov

  • mayo clinic colabora estrechamente con otras organizaciones de investigación de la inmunodeficiencia y de apoyo al paciente. mayo clinic es un jeffrey modell foundation diagnostic and research center (centro de diagnóstico e investigación de la fundación jeffrey modell). la fundación jeffrey modell es una organización sin fines de lucro que promueve y lleva a cabo investigaciones sobre la inmunodeficiencia primaria a través de una red mundial de centros de diagnóstico e investigación. desde 2007, el primary immunodeficiency center (centro de inmunodeficiencia primaria) de mayo clinic ha sido un centro de derivaciones para la fundación jeffrey modell. mayoclinic.org

  • sources: david h. barlow, phd, director, center for anxiety and related disorders, boston university. barbara rothbaum, phd, director, trauma and anxiety recovery program, emory university school of medicine, atlanta. jeffrey gettleman, "soldier accused as coward says he is guilty only of panic attack," the new york times, nov. 6, 2003. john diedrich, "carson soldier faces charge of cowardice," the gazette, colorado springs, colo., oct. 30, 2003. jeffrey gettleman, "reduced charges for soldier accused of cowardice in iraq," the new york times, nov. 7, 2003. medicinenet.com

  • “hasta ahora, pudimos recomendar tratamientos para mujeres con estos tipos de cáncer con riesgo alto y bajo de recaída, pero las mujeres con riesgo intermedio no sabían cuál era la mejor estrategia”, dice el dr. jeffrey abrams, subdirector del programa de evaluación de tratamientos de cáncer del instituto nacional del cáncer. “esto será muy útil para que los oncólogos y los pacientes puedan elegir el mejor tratamiento”. medlineplus.gov

  • the judge, jeffrey sutton, a 2003 appointee of former president george w. bush, was expected by many to side with the plaintiff, thomas more law center, which argued that the federal government does not have the authority under the commerce clause of the constitution to force citizens to purchase health insurance. medpagetoday.com

  • "el problema de la renuencia ante la vacuna se relaciona con firmeza con una falta de confianza en el gobierno. la confianza en la vacuna fue invariablemente más alta en los países donde había una mayor confianza", señaló el colíder del estudio, jeffrey lazarus, del instituto de salud global (isglobal) de barcelona, en españa. merckmanuals.com

  • the writing group wishes to thank the following for their contributions to the summit planning, rich in‐person discussion and review of this report: michael h. barbouche; barbara a. bowman, phd; william j. bryant, jd, llm; gregory l burke, md, msc, faha; beth croll, cmp; j. michael gaziano, md, mph; meighan girgus vafa, mba; sarah m. greene, mph; joseph a. hill, md, phd, faha; pat hinton; mark a. hlatky, md, faha; yosef khan, md, mph, phd, mace; maria kontaridis, phd; michael levy, msc, mba; joanne odenkirchen, mph; jeffrey olgin, md; sudip s. parikh, phd; mitesh s. patel, md, mba, ms; rose marie robertson, md, faha; wayne d. rosamond, phd, ms, faha; john j. ryan, m.d., faha; jeffrey l. saver, md, faha; laura m. sol; selena smith; jennifer e. van eyk, phd, faha; gayle r. whitman, phd, rn, faha; bram zuckerman, md. nih.gov