jehu Definitions


a king of israel in the 9th century b.c.


a coachman; a driver; especially, one who drives furiously.

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  • shalmaneser iii (see under shalmaneser i) attempted to continue this policy, but, although he exacted heavy tribute from jehu of israel and claimed many victories, he failed to establish hegemony over the hebrews and their aramaic-speaking allies. the basalt obelisk, called the black obelisk (british mus.), describes the expeditions and conquests of shalmaneser iii. raids from urartu were resumed and grew more destructive after the death of shalmaneser. calah, the capital of assyria during the reigns of ashurnasirpal ii and shalmaneser iii, has been excavated. factmonster.com

  • the chouans were so called, from a fanciful analogy between their self-imposed task and that appointed to jehu, on being set over the kingdom of israel. jehu was to cut off ahab and jezebel, with all their house, and all the priests of baal. the chouans were to cut off all who assassinated louis xvi., and see that his brother ( jehu) was placed on the throne. infoplease.com