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sub-provincial city in eastern china

capital of former state of chu; town in eastern china

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  • there may be something to this. the placenta is known to be rich in iron, vitamin b12, and the hormones oxytocin, prolactin, prostaglandins, and endorphin, and is said to repair damaged cells. a 2010 chinese study, conducted at jinan university in guangzhou, found that mice injected with placenta cells had a median lifespan 1.7 times higher than those who weren't given placenta cells. everydayhealth.com

  • the city is also a cultural and educational center with several institutions of higher learning, notably sun yat-sen (sun zhongshan) univ. and jinan univ. tourist attractions include a large pagoda overlooking the river, now a museum of ceramics; the huge temple of the six banyan trees; a park, with pavilions, commemorating the 1927 conflict between the communists and the kuomintang; and the canton tower (1,968.5 ft/600 m), a broadcast and sightseeing tower that is one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world. museums include the guangzhou municipal museum, the sun yat-sen museum, and the museum of the peasant movement institute. nearby are conghua hot springs and an important army base. factmonster.com

  • bo xilai is sentenced to life in prison (sept. 22): chinese politician bo xilai is sentenced to life in prison. eastern china's jinan intermediate people's court finds him guilty of embezzlement, accepting bribes, and abuses of power, including a failed attempt to stifle the murder allegations against his wife. during the trial, bo pleads not guilty, contesting every allegation. after the verdict, bo's associates say that he will likely appeal his sentence. bo's wife, gu kailai, is currently serving a suspended death sentence, the equivalent of life in prison, for the murder of british businessman neil heywood. infoplease.com

  • for their study, dr. jinan b saaddine and colleagues analyzed data from the 2004 national health interview survey and the u.s. census bureau to predict the number of americans with diabetes who will have diabetic retinopathy, vision threatening diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataracts in 2050, when the country's population is expected to be 402 million. medicinenet.com

  • jun yao, md, phd, of jinan university in shenzhen, china, and colleagues reviewed 43 publications involving 15,152 tandem colonoscopies and 10,852 adenomas. the team calculated adenoma miss rates (amrs) of 26% for adenomas (95% ci 23%-30%), 9% for advanced adenomas (95% ci 4%-16%), and 27% for serrated polyps (95% ci 16%-40%). medpagetoday.com