KeV Definitions


en given name.


A working-class male.

initialism of en

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  • Blimey, I’m exhausted from the #StrictlyFinal ... so thrilled for @keviclifton, even more than the lovely @StaceyDooley. Kev deserved to win so much. His choreography is The Best. I sobbed like a baby watching him break down at the end ❤️@bbcstrictly telegraph.co.uk

  • King Kev Of Grimsby finally lifted the glitterball trophy last series. Now he’ll be tasked with steering the contest’s senior female to Blackpool and beyond. Should be a popular pairing, even if they're not finalists like usual for Kevin. telegraph.co.uk

  • King Kev from Grimsby is the bridesmaid no more. Stacey Dooley's professional partner Kevin Clifton has finished runner-up four times - with Frankie Bridge, Louise Redknapp, Kellie Bright and Susanna Reid - but at last went one better. telegraph.co.uk

  • The 49-year-old, known as Kev the Renegade, told The Telegraph: “People try and disrespect and say ‘we might as well have tiddlywinks’, but I would put the fitness and athleticism of a B-Boy or B-Girl against any of these sports any day. telegraph.co.uk