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a romance language mainly spoken by sephardic jews (wikipedia), derived mainly from old castilian (spanish) and hebrew.


a cunningly vicious, wild or unmanagable horse.

trifolium repens (white clover).

a person in latin america whose culture or ancestry is a mixture of european spanish and native american, especially one who speaks spanish; a mestizo.

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white cloverdjudeo-espanyoljud├Žo-spanishjudaeo-spanishjudeo-spanishjudezmodjudezmodzhudezmo

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  • italy is largely homogeneous linguistically and religiously but is diverse culturally, economically, and politically. italy has the fifth-highest population density in europe--about 200 persons per square kilometer (490 per sq. mi.). minority groups are small, the largest being the german-speaking people of bolzano province and the slovenes around trieste. there are also small communities of albanian, greek, ladino, and french origin. immigration has increased in recent years, however, while the italian population is declining overall due to low birth rates. although roman catholicism is the majority religion--85% of native-born citizens are nominally catholic--all religious faiths are provided equal freedom before the law by the constitution. factmonster.com

  • one of the two main cultural branches of judaism is sephardic, derived from the hebrew word for spain. sephardic jews are called sephardim. for several hundred years when moors, north african muslims, ruled spain and portugal, a thriving jewish community developed. they spoke ladino, a mixture of medieval spanish and hebrew, and produced a vibrant culture. infoplease.com