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marked with parallel lines, as if ribbed, from wires in the mould.



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  • in august, wholesale trade employment continued to trend up (+8,000). this industry has added 83,000 jobs over the past 12 months. within manufacturing, employment in motor vehicles and parts rose by 19,000 in august, after declining by 10,000 in july. auto manufacturers laid off more workers for model changeover in july than in recent years. the return of laid-off workers contributed to the increase in august. over the past 12 months, auto manufacturers have added 34,000 jobs. bls.gov

  • the end of the usbm came suddenly and surprisingly. furthermore, closure of this statutory agency was to take place in an unprecedented 90 days. congress also directed that some part of some usbm functions be transferred to other federal agencies. about 1,200 usbm employees were laid off. another 600 were transferred to the department of energy (doe), the u.s. geological survey, and the bureau of land management. cdc.gov

  • from the above information, we concluded that the emporia post office made two types of changes between the two tax years that caused our coding problems -- not only did they convert rural route addresses to city style addresses, but they also reorganized some of the city style sectors. these changes, in conjunction with the way the zip/sector codes were originally laid out, caused the huge spurious in-migration to emporia under the original definition. the huge spurious net migration also affected the coverage rates. census.gov

  • ambassador wolfowitz faults the intelligence community for not warning the policy community about the changing character that took place in saddam's public statements early in 1990. somebody should have catalogued his increasingly belligerent rhetoric, compared and contrasted his statements to prior formulations, and laid out one or more plausible explanations for the change. cia.gov

  • took (2 ) 50 mg last night for the first time last night because of sleep issues. i took them around 9:30pm..my eyes felt heavy so at 11:00pm went up to bed.. i laid in bed watching tv until 1:45am..could not fall asleep and i felt like my heart was racing.. finally forced myself to fall asleep.. slept until 4am not even 2 full hours and again laid in bed not sleeping until the sun came up...very dizzy and tired...i don't think this is for me....can not function this morning,,, everydayhealth.com

  • in some species the sexes are separate and the eggs are laid and fertilized in the water; in others the animal is hermaphroditic and the eggs are retained with the shell. only a small proportion of the millions of eggs laid survive. large numbers of the free-swimming larvae, called veligers, are consumed by fish and other animals. after the oyster becomes sessile, it may be victimized by oyster drills, starfish, and other enemies. factmonster.com

  • at the age of 39, sam found himself unemployed. after working for a major airline for over a decade, he was laid off. sam felt helpless and decided to go to the pima county one stop for help. sam started another job with the airline but was soon laid off again. hhs.gov

  • i. hand (a). a symbol of fortitude in egypt, of fidelity in rome. two hands symbolise concord; and a hand laid on the head of a person indicates the right of property. thus if a person laid claim to a slave, he laid his hand upon him in the presence of the prætor. (aulus gellius, xx. 19.) by a closed hand zeno represented dialectics, and by an open hand eloquence. infoplease.com

  • star wars: fate of the jedi; apocalypse db77129 18 hours 20 minutes by troy denning read by alec volz after the events of ascension (db 73875), the jedi knights make their stand against the sith on coruscant. a surprise attack removes much of the sith threat, but abeloth has laid traps for unwary jedi. some violence. 2012. loc.gov

  • "carys cried when we left the appointment," margaret says. "(the orthodontist) laid out the entire plan, and i had a pit in my stomach that something didn't seem right. it was very distressing. i didn't want my daughter to have to go through jaw surgery, and i was filled with dread for weeks." mayoclinic.org

  • and depending on these various cards, which can be quite different from patient to patient, endometriosis, or areas that will become endometriosis, are laid down in the woman's pelvis or elsewhere in the body during fetal formation. when estrogen production begins at puberty, the tracts of tissue that were laid down can become painful and can begin to change into endometriosis. men can also develop endometriosis for somewhat the same reasons. medicinenet.com

  • in a posterolateral gutter fusion procedure, the spine is approached from the back. bone graft is taken from the pelvis and laid out in the posterolateral portion of the spine that is to be fused. the back muscles hold the graft in place until it fuses with the vertebrae. a fusion will setup within three months and will continue to get stronger for one to two years. medlineplus.gov

  • i discovered an interesting history. in 1928, dr. harrison martland studied the brains of "punch-drunk" fighters. he found serious damage in those brains. he found signs of previous small hemorrhages. he found that scar tissue had replaced brain tissue. it is like what happens to the faces of fighters. that is, their faces get cut, and scar tissue gets laid down. the same thing happens in the brain. scar tissue gets laid down in the brain, and it interferes with normal brain function. this scar tissue causes the punch-drunk syndrome, which is characterized by slowed thinking, by word-finding problems, by a slow shuffling or unsteady gait, by tremor and, in its worst stages, severe dementia. medpagetoday.com

  • i made sure that his head rested comfortably and asked someone to call the ambulance. i stabilized his knee with a sweater and got an ice pack to put on his knee to decrease the swelling. the ambulance came and the paramedics laid the fragile man on the stretcher and off he went. merckmanuals.com

  • in addition, the crystal structures of hppds from a variety of different species were systematically studied [62,63,64], and the structures in complex with ntbc [65] and a natural substrate were reported [66]. thus, the binding mode of the substrate in the enzyme-catalyzed pocket of hppd was revealed, which laid a solid foundation for an in-depth understanding of the mechanism of action of hppd-inhibiting herbicides [67,68,69,70]. nih.gov

  • in our new benefits section, users can now easily jump from benefit to benefit and information is laid out in the exact same format. for example, if someone started on our food assistance page, and then moved on to our page about help paying certain bills, they would find information in the new streamlined template with clear headings so they could quickly determine if they qualify for various programs. usa.gov