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an area of arable land at the foot of a hill

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  • “we thought this review was important because physicians don’t have a lot of information on helping patients to lose weight,” says christine laine, md, editor of the annals of internal medicine, the publisher of the diet analysis. “since the affordable care act (aca) says you should screen patients for obesity, this helps provide guidance to doctors about which programs have evidence behind them.” everydayhealth.com

  • or a gaberlunzie man (g hard). a mendicant; or; more strictly speaking, one of the king's bedesmen, who were licensed beggars. the word gaban is french for “a cloak with tight sleeves and a hood.” lunzie is a diminutivo of laine (wool); so that gaberlunzie means “coarse woollen gown.” these bedesmen were also called blue-gowns (q.v.), from the colour of their cloaks. (see above, gabardine.) infoplease.com

  • in addition, laine, who is the senior deputy editor of the annals of internal medicine, notes that certain illnesses may cause nail changes in some patients but not in others. "for example, not all people with liver disease develop white nails," laine tells webmd. the reverse is true as well - not everyone with white nails has liver disease. "in the absence of other signs or symptoms of disease, i would be reluctant to launch a complex, expensive work-up for systemic disease solely because of nail findings." medicinenet.com

  • per clinicaltrials.gov, there are 30 studies in the works using cirt in various cancers, including prostate, kidney, brain, and pancreatic. while no studies in lung cancer seem to be on deck, given the success of yamamoto's group, lung cancer specialists need to keep their eye on the cirt horizon, laine and choy wrote. medpagetoday.com