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en given name.


in moba (multiplayer online battle arena) games, a particular path on the map that may be traversed by enemy characters.

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  • the table is compiled by the bls foreign labor statistics program. the u.s. data are prepared by the bls consumer price index program. additional information, including the new data table, is available in "harmonized index of consumer prices for selected countries and areas. "further information on the hicp can be found in "comparing u.s. and european inflation: the cpi and the hicp," by walter lane and mary lynn schmidt, monthly labor review, may 2006. bls.gov

  • we extracted the irs address information from the sample test file for cases in the u.s. that were not coded by tiger. these could be because they were outside of the tar areas or because they were not coded for other reasons. there were 35,351 such addresses. staff from the geography division standardized these and matched them to an acf extract file of street segment/address range information. there were 1,185 cases with no house number, leaving a potential coding universe of 34,166 cases. of these, 46.1 percent [0.3] were coded, 32.8 percent [0.3] did not match on street name, 15.9 percent [0.2] matched on street name but not on house number, and 5.0 percent [0.1] had a feature identification (fid) error (matched on street name but not on other street descriptors such as road, lane, drive, etc., or on directionals such as n, e, ne, etc.). census.gov

  • [3]david reynolds, in command of history: churchill fighting and writing the second world war (london: allen lane, 2004), 326. reynolds and others speculate that churchill was too naive throughout the war about the dangers of soviet listeners during conferences. perhaps, but that assumes he said things privately that were greatly different from what he was telling stalin—a difficult case to prove. see reynolds, note 12, 611. cia.gov

  • also joining us on the program is dr. judy lane. dr. lane is the medical director of the colorado neurological institute head pain center, a clinic dedicated to the treatment of patients with head and face pain. dr. lane is also associate clinical professor in the department of family medicine at the university of colorado. she's been an investigator in research studies and has written about headache in numerous publications. everydayhealth.com

  • his wife, laura lane bush, 1946–, b. midland, tex., as laura lane welch, b.a. southern methodist univ., 1968, m.a. univ. of texas, 1972, worked as as an elementary-school librarian. she married george w. bush in 1977 and had twin daughters in 1981. when her husband was governor of texas (1994–2000), she promoted literacy and early-childhood education, and she continued her focus on these while her husband was president. factmonster.com

  • express lane eligibility permits states to rely on findings for eligibility factors like income, household size, or other factors of eligibility from another program designated as an express lane agency, to facilitate enrollment in health coverage.  express lane agencies may include supplemental nutrition assistance program (snap), temporary assistance for needy families (tanf), special supplemental nutrition program for women, infant, and children (wic), head start, and child care under ccdbg, among others.  state, territorial, and tribal lead agencies administering child care programs may also be eligible to become an express lane agency.  for more information about how states are implementing express lane eligibility and learn about requirements for participation, please visit the express lane eligibility for medicaid and chip coverage page of the medicaid website. hhs.gov

  • is probably feuterer-lane. a feuterer is a keeper of dogs, and the lane has always been famous for dog-fanciers. howel, with less probability, says it is fewtor lane, i.e. the lane of fewtors or worthless fellows who were for ever loitering about the lane on their way to the gardens. faitour is an archaic word for a worthless fellow, a lazy vagabond, from the norman-french. infoplease.com

  • 6. view to north along dirt lane. log shed (habs no. va-1290-n) at left, log dogtrot tenant house (habs no. va-1290-q) in distance at end of lane. - edgewood farm, west side of state route 600, .8 mile north of state route 778, clover, halifax county, va 4 x 5 in.habs va,42-clov.v,1--6 | habs va,42-clov.v,1--6 loc.gov

  • sources: lane, j.d. diabetes care, february 2008; vol 31, manuscript received ahead of publication. van dam, r.m. nutrition, metabolism & cardiovascular disease, january 2006; vol 16: pp 69-77. greenberg, j.a. american journal of clinical nutrition, 2006; vol 84: pp 682-693. james d. lane, phd, professor of medical psychology, duke university medical center, durham, n.c. rob m. van dam, phd, assistant professor of medicine, harvard medical school, boston. medicinenet.com

  • "the nra swerved into our lane in 1996 by pushing the dickey amendment to limit gun-control research. they lobbied for a florida physician gag law that restricted doctors from talking to their patients about gun safety." -- forensic pathologist judy melinek, md, responding to the national rifle association's infamous tweet telling physicians to "stay in their lane." medpagetoday.com

  • i was at the bowling alley when a man slipped on his right knee and most likely “popped” his knee laterally. i can also imagine a possible fracture with how tender he was and the appearance of his knee. i saw the incident happen right at the lane next to me, and his family looked […] merckmanuals.com

  • hepg2 cells in 12-well plate were transfected with 1.6 μg of phbv1.3. cells were harvested at day 5 post-transfection and the intracellular viral total rna and encapsidated pgrna (capsid pgrna) were extracted and analyzed by northern blotting as described in materials and methods. 5 μg of total rna (lane 1) and the capsid pgrna extracted from one well of a 12-well plate (lane 2) were hybridized with a plus (+) strand-specific full length hbv riboprobe. ribosomal rna (28s and 18s rrna) served as total rna loading control (lane 1), and the loss of rrna indicated a complete digestion of unencapsidated rna by mnase (lane 2). hbv 3.5kb, 2.4kb, 2.1kb rnas, and capsid pgrna are labeled. a longer exposure of the blot is included. nih.gov