lazy Definitions


wicked; vicious.


sloth (animal).


to laze, act in a lazy manner.

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  • i never made that mistake again, and have quite the emergency preparedness kit, though it does lack a few things mentioned in the article (thx, cdc!), esp. re: the pet essentials. couching your info in a “zombie apocalypse” scenario only makes it that much more fun (and relevant) to me. i’m not a lazy teen or millennial slacker or paranoid gamer-basement dweller – i’m a middle-aged attorney in a law enforcement agency (and my supervisors were the ones who sent me the link to this!). in fact, we might be putting it in our next “health and safety” e-newsletter. cdc.gov

  • the book relies on interviews with the younger staffers of the commission, many of whom, unlike their commission bosses, were still alive during the drafting of the book. theses staffers are critical of the commissioners, some of whom are depicted as either lazy or stupid while the staffers are the real brains and principled souls behind the investigation. the commissioners naturally are not in print to defend their actions. arlen specter’s accounts come off as especially smug, with him taking cheap shots at allen dulles as a foolish, doddering old man. specter describes warren as “not much of a lawyer, and not even really smart.” the book at times reflects the view of young men frustrated with the actions of politically and socially constrained commissioners. cia.gov

  • lazy cakes, kush cakes, lulla pies, mary j’s relaxation brownies — all of these sweets claim to make you sleep, yet experts say they’re far from the dream health food. lazy larry's lazy cake brownies, for example, promise that "you'll be good to go for two weeks of relaxation and pleasant times." the brownies are laced with valerian root, passion flower, and melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate your body's internal clock. the fda recently issued a warning to hbb llc, d.b.a baked world, the company behind the product, stating that the addition of melatonin made these confections unsafe. everydayhealth.com

  • a sentence using all the letters in the alphabet is called a pangram (from the greek for "every letter"). "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" is the most famous pangram, but there are many others. my favorite may be "the five boxing wizards jump quickly," which is four letters shorter. factmonster.com

  • my name is adam bruzzese and i have lyme disease. if not for julia, i would have rotted for years on end, continuously progressing into debilitation, probably acquiring the label of lazy or inadequate. it is solely due to my sister’s suffering, and my family’s frantic persistence in approaching her suffering, that my siblings and i are functional. hhs.gov

  • the gradual slowing down that normally occurs as a person ages doesn't mean that he or she gets lazy, or isn't able to be active. there are plenty of people in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s who exercise regularly. some even participate in long-distance walking, biking, swimming, and running competitions. infoplease.com

  • i'm curious about the references to boosting fb posts. is that through the blue boost post button? from the conference a couple years ago, i thought that was perceived by fb as the "lazy" way to get more interactions so it wasn't highly recommended. what do others think/do related to this? mayoclinic.org

  • from a child’s birth until their 18th birthday, the brain and eyes form crucial connections. genetics can play a role in causing lazy eyes. in case of a family history of amblyopia (lazy eye), it is better to consult an eye doctor at two years of age. lazy eyes mainly occur in children and should be treated early. read more: are lazy eyes genetic? article medicinenet.com

  • most infants are born with a mild degree of farsightedness, which goes away on its own as the eyes grow. in some children, farsightedness persists or is more severe. children with a severe degree of farsightedness, described as high hyperopia, are at an increased risk of developing other eye conditions, particularly "lazy eye" (amblyopia) and eyes that do not look in the same direction (strabismus). these conditions can cause significant visual impairment. medlineplus.gov

  • you should read the mismeasure of man. i don't wish to ruin gould's scholarly prose but let me restate his insight -- murray's analysis was wrong because it was two lazy generalizations. it was aggregates of two bell-shaped curves, curves which overlap so copiously that they may as well be one curve. a lazy generalization -- what is that, you ask? medpagetoday.com

  • parents and grandparents always say, “you are who your friends are!” if you hang around smart, motivated, pleasant people you will become a smart, motivated, pleasant person. if you hang around lazy, misinformed, grumpy people you will become a lazy, misinformed, grumpy person. if you hang around no one, you will become no one. you will become empty. you will become a dry, brittle, cracked exoskeleton of a crab with no internal substance. merckmanuals.com

  • consider the experience of one of our interviewees. velma a., a resident of jacksonville, applied for social security disability benefits twice. her first application was denied, and so she applied again. she expressed concern that her second application would also be denied — she admitted that she hadn’t fully understood how to answer all of the questions on the application, but she also felt she couldn’t leave any fields blank. “leaving blanks is like you not really telling the whole story,” she said, “so i filled it in best i could.” she knew her description of her disability wouldn’t be as accurate as that written by a medical professional, and she worried the person reviewing her application would think she was lazy instead of legitimately disabled. the stress of wondering how her application would be perceived compounded velma’s already stressful situation. usa.gov