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any carnivorous mammal of the genus martes in the family mustelidae.

en (the bird)

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  • in 1720, the english doctor benjamin marten was the first to state that tb could be caused by “wonderfully minute living creatures.” he went further to say that it was likely that ongoing contact with a consumptive patient could cause a healthy person to get sick. although marten's findings didn't help to cure tb, they did help people to better understand the disease. factmonster.com

  • or fie! an exclamation indicating that what is reproved is dirty or indecent. the dung of many animals, as the boar, wolf, fox, marten, and badger, is called fiants, and the “orificium anale” is called a fi, a word still used in lincolnshire. (anglo-norman, fay, to clean out; saxon, afylan, to foul: our defile or file, to make foul; filth, etc.) infoplease.com

  • "in order to prove this assumption, randomized placebo-controlled trials would be needed, but such studies cannot be done because of ethical reasons," researchers leif friberg and marten rosenqvist, of the karolinska institute in stockholm, said in a journal news release. "it is not possible to give placebo to [atrial fibrillation] patients and then wait for dementia or stroke to occur." medicinenet.com