Marxism Definitions

Marxism \Marx"ism\, prop. n.

A system of economic and political thought, originated by Karl Marx, and elaborated by others. It holds that the state has been the a device for suppression of the masses, allowing exploitation by a dominant (capitalistic) class; that historical change occurs through class struggle; and that the capitalist system will inevitably wither away to be superseded by a classless society.

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  • But the files also show intelligence officers followed his later disenchantment with Marxism and came to the view his youthful beliefs should not disqualify him from places on official tours or “a post affording opportunity for subversive activity”. telegraph.co.uk

  • For 20 years, Fox was one of the chief activists and organisers of the Revolutionary Communist Party.  During that time, she was co-publisher of its magazine, Living Marxism.  Fox was also kind enough to feature in Brexit: The Movie, which I produced.   telegraph.co.uk

  • In a tweeted video message this month, Farage said the UK faced “cultural Marxism”, a term originating in a conspiracy theory based on a supposed plot against national governments, which is closely linked to the far right and antisemitism. theguardian.com

  • Offers a route through the tangled jungle of competing ideas and provides an essential historical context, situating these theories within tradition of critical analysis going back to the rise of Marxism. telegraph.co.uk