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  • pat summitt was 5’11” tall… the court at tennessee was renamed “the summitt” after her 880th win… many sources say pat summitt was born in clarksville, but her biography on the university of tennessee website says “patricia sue head summitt was born on june 14, 1952, in henrietta, tenn.”… summitt married banker r.b. summitt ii on 23 august 1980; she filed for divorce in 2007. their son ross was born in 1990. the lady vols website says of pat summitt giving birth, “with her water broken, she still completed [a] recruiting visit in macungie, pa., and then flew home to knoxville, urging the pilots not to stop so her son would be born in tennessee”… her record of 1098 college wins was surpassed in 2016 by harry statham, the longtime coach of naia school mckendree university of lebanon, illinois. factmonster.com

  • twenty-three division i players (11 juniors, 9 sophomores and 3 freshmen), 2 high school seniors, 2 junior college players, 1 division ii junior and 1 naia junior forfeited the remainder of their college eligibility and declared for the 2000 nba draft which took place at the target center in minneapolis, minn. on june 28. infoplease.com