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  • in 2003, the ncaa introduced the academic progress rate (apr), which tracks academic eligibility and continuing enrollment for student–athletes with athletic scholarships. a higher apr means that, on a semester–by­–semester basis, fewer student–athletes have dropped out or been declared academically ineligible. the ncaa imposes penalties on colleges if they fail to meet the proscribed minimum apr, including loss of scholarships, loss of practice time, and being declared ineligible for post-season play. though the apr penalties were highly controversial, the result was that ncaa football and basketball apr scores increased by 30 points per team during the 2004–05 and 2013–14 seasons. during the 2006–07 season, roughly 15 percent of ncaa football and basketball teams were penalized for scores that fell below the apr threshold. recently, the apr penalties were dealt to less than 5 percent of the ncaa football and basketball teams. bls.gov

  • in the 2018 ncaa division i men’s swimming championships, the university of minnesota junior bowen becker finished third in the 50-meter freestyle, one of the signature races for elite sprinting swimmers. and that might never have happened if he hadn’t been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (ra) when he was 11 years old. everydayhealth.com

  • led arizona state to the ncaa division i golf team title in 1998; won the individual ncaa title in 1999; won the 1998 u.s. amateur championship; turned pro in 1999 and earned her first tour victory in june, 2000. in 2004 she snagged her first major by winning the kraft nabisco championship. factmonster.com

  • who i was before i got sick: a summa cum laude ivy league graduate, highly recruited ncaa division 1 athlete, and returned peace corps volunteer who served the united states for 3 yrs in west africa. i hold a master of science in bioresouce engineering and i’ve worked for the us government, ngos, and a silicon valley start-up. immediately before i got sick i bike commuted 18 miles a day to my dream job, an entry-level position at an international development ngo in the washington dc area.  i've encountered many challenges in my life and successfully overcome them, until i met tbds.  while tbds have infected my brain, it is indifference from policy-makers who set nih research agendas, inaccurate cdc guidance, flawed idsa guidelines, and a dis-believing employment disability system that have added serious insult to the injury. hhs.gov

  • to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ncaa tournament in 1997, the ncaa announced its 50th anniversary team and introduced it during the 1997 championship game in milwaukee. the team was chosen by current division i coaches, coaches of teams that have participated in the ncaa tournament, and members of the division i hockey committee. players named to the team had to have played in at least one ncaa tournament game. tournament years are listed below. infoplease.com

  • this spring, basketball celebrates a milestone—the 75th anniversary of “march madness,” the annual national collegiate athletic association (ncaa) division 1 basketball series. for both men’s and women’s basketball, these tournaments determine the national champions of college basketball. in 1938, ohio state university coach harold olsen conceived the idea, and the following year the first tournament […] loc.gov

  • at the time it adopted its latest concussion-related guidelines, national college athletic association (ncaa) data showed that college players had experienced more than 41,000 injuries overall between 2004 and 2009. concussions -- also known as mild traumatic brain injuries -- accounted for more than 7 percent of that total, according to the ncaa. medicinenet.com

  • last year, ash challenged the ncaa, declaring that athletes need not be tested for or disclose sickle cell trait status before participating in sporting events. in a statement released over the weekend, ash said the "ncaa policy is medically groundless – perhaps even dangerous – and is focused more on protecting the ncaa from legal liability than protecting the health of student athletes." medpagetoday.com